Get ready for an all new episode of Below Deck Mediterranean tonight! Guess what? Oniongate is not over yet! Seriously.

Adam Glick decides to further irritate the same charter guest who has requested nine billion times that his food contain NO onions by putting onions in his food. AGAIN.  The rest of the crew, as you can imagine, are getting the feeling that Adam is trying to sabotage their tip from the charter since he continues to do whatever he wants when preparing the food, including ignoring the numerous requests to omit the damn onions. When Hannah Ferrier is alerted by the charter guests about the situation, she confronts Adam who fesses up immediately but defends his actions by saying that there is no way the soup would’ve tasted okay without them and that he pureed it so much they wouldn’t have even known. Except that the guest DID know immediately. Hannah starts to suspect that Adam is just a nutjob at this point.

Hannah will not gain any brownie points with Adam once she tattles to Captain Sandy about his onion issues.

In other events on tonight’s episode, Malia and Adam share a romantic moment at a waterfall, but she is still interested in and flirting with Wes, too. Adam won’t be pleased.

Meanwhile, Bugsy feels alienated from the stews as Hannah and Lauren give her the cold shoulder.

Got your popcorn and pinot ready? Join us back here to dish through the episode at 9/8 C!


Photo Credit: Bravo TV