Little Women: LA Recap: Alaska Adventure

Terra Jole Defends Her Unhinged Behavior On Little Women: LA: “Veins Popping Out Is Not A Good Look For Me”

If you watched this week’s Little Women: LA, you’re likely still shaking your head over Terra Jole’s absolute meltdown atop a mountain in Alaska. After realizing her friend group was becoming sick of her antics, Terra responded by flipping the eff out – nearly having to be physically restrained by best friend Tonya Banks. Now Terra wants to explain her behavior – of course justifying all of it as a response to Christy McGinity Gibel’s mere existence!

Terra knows she’s not the most popular person right now, commenting, “This episode is borderline nuts … or maybe I am. Surely my inbox will see more hate mail after this episode and I’m okay with that. Opinions about the show are fun to read until they are hurtful towards your children.”

Starting with the ridiculous “fierce” drama between Briana Renee and her, Terra reflects, “While Briana may be delusional, I still feel bad for going in so hard and calling her out on not being ‘fierce.’ But anyone that thinks they own the word ‘fierce’ and has nothing to show for it, lacks being FIERCE! The one thing that kills me the most is that we are fighting over a word. Even though she talks a big game behind closed doors, you don’t see it in person. You’ll see me try my best to make things right with Briana in this episode. Does this mean Briana and I are besties? Not so much.”

But Terra’s beef with Briana pales in comparison to her World War III battle with Christy. She argues, “Why am I not allowed to dislike someone? None of the girls have the ability to accept that Christy and I will never be okay, and that’s OKAY! Don’t try and force us to be friends, ladies! Don’t let it cause you to have a lack of sleep. Don’t let my lack of friendship be the reason why your Alaska trip is crap.”

Of her insane behavior in Alaska, Terra defends, “I am a very obnoxious person at times and when I’m passionate, there is no mistaking it! Holy moly, my veins pop out when I go in. Not a pretty look, but nor was the convo. You know what’s also obnoxious? The fact that I may lose my friends over all of this.”

You know what’s even more obnoxious? The fact that Terra’s “friends” have put up with her sh*t for so long, and that she has absolutely zero appreciation for any of their loyalty, despite her awful behavior.

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The “home wrecker” comment Christy threw out during Terra’s meltdown seemed to come out of nowhere. Terra surmises that Christy is reaching, but doesn’t clue us in to the real meaning behind her accusation. “Apparently I’m a ‘home wrecker’ because I released the already public video of Christy. LoL! Does that mean Todd never knew about this video? Hilarious! Fortunately, I told my husband about all of my past. I didn’t ruin anything that wasn’t already broken. Sorry Todd! The M-word is very offensive to me. Calling Christy out after her calling me out about my past jobs had to be done. Don’t say you’re against the word, and then do a music video promoting the word.”

Hmm. So, Christy was insinuating that Terra ruined her home life? Because of a video? I don’t buy it. And I definitely think there’s more to this story.

In any case, Terra’s all about damage control at this point. She continues to defend her explosion: “Sometimes I lack the ability to sugarcoat. It happened with Joe, and it happened with the girls in this episode. When my point doesn’t get across, I tend to get sloppy and scream. I’m not perfect and I can really see how I need this Alaska break more than anyone! Sad thing is, it wasn’t much of a break from screaming.”

The plot thickens next week when Matt Ericson [Grundhoffer] finds himself getting a little too friendly with a woman who is NOT HIS WIFE at the hotel bar. Terra, glad to get the heat taken off of her, will be all over that mess! She writes in her blog, “I don’t trust that Matt is faithful to Briana. Never have, never will. With Briana texting me ’til 4 a.m. not knowing where her husband is, she is delusional about his intentions. My husband was in bed with me, why wasn’t yours? When he came back, it sounds like he felt guilty about something because you both talk about the great 5 a.m. sex you had. CAPTAIN NASTY!”

At least Terra says she’ll “try and scream less in the next episode, I promise. Veins popping out is not a good look for me and the squealing emotional voice is not either.” Good. Because our ears have been violated enough!


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