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Karen Huger has been revamping her image on season two of The Real Housewives Of Potomac as a kinder, less etiquette-obsessed version of the blow hard we all snarked on last year. And it’s been a welcome change! But the trip to Bermuda brought the old Karen out of the shadows to box with her cast mates – most notably, Charrisse Jackson-Jordan – over who’s really the Grand Dame of this group. According to Karen, she will never lose her title, no matter what Ashley Darby or the other ladies insinuate.

In her blog, Karen calls out Charrisse’s lies, explains how her move went (but still withholds details), and comments on Ashley’s accusations about her financial status. First, Karen says Charrisse lied about the gift baskets Karen sent to everyone’s rooms in order to make a big stink about it on camera. “Can someone please roll back the tape? Charrisse knew about the gift baskets and she knew she would be receiving one from me as well. Charrisse’s speech to the girls in the hallway was yet another lie she told just to manipulate and mislead the girls.”

“To repeat, Charrisse knew about the lovely gift baskets. If she wanted to get things twisted, the girls need to know the truth – as my mother, who I love dearly, always told me, the truth will prevail! However, girls will be girls – gotta love them!” jokes Karen, who was also called out for planning a separate boating excursion with Gizelle Bryant and Monique Samuels.

When Karen delivered the standard Housewives apology to Charrisse on their sunset cruise (AKA, “I’m sorry if you were offended!”) things got heated quickly. Asked what she thought of their conversation, Karen responds, “What conversation with Charrisse? Surely you are not referring to that net-worth and name calling 15-second-later walk off and resolve nothing? I came to Charrisse for the good of us all, but she clearly needed to have this negative energy that made it confrontational and difficult to get through to her. She will eventually figure it out. I am not her enemy. I am all about promoting not demoting.”

Well, Karen certainly isn’t into telling the whole truth when it comes to her move from Potomac to Great Falls. At the very moment she was evading the ladies’ questions on the trip, her husband Raymond was literally moving boxes into their new rental! Karen comments in her blog, “I love my husband. He did a phenomenal job in my absence. Things moved much quicker than we had anticipated and Ray got stuck with the hardest part. I did struggle with the notion of selling my home that we lived in for 20 years and raised my children, but it is all working out. The area that I am in is very nice but I do miss some things.”

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Karen adds that she’s nearer to her parents now, for which she is grateful. But why all of the shadiness surrounding when, where, and why she was moving? Ashley insinuated that financial problems were underlying Karen’s strange behavior, but Karen (of course) claims otherwise. She defends, “Ashley has her own share of issues, and malicious allegations are not becoming to her or anyone. However, despite the beliefs of others, I am a supporter of Ashley and Michael. I truly want them to work as a couple. Her time and energy would be better spent dealing with how to get those customers through the door and, more importantly, getting on the same page with her hubby.”

“Apparently, she still has not learned her lesson about putting her nose into other people’s finances. I may have to ask Robyn Dixon to get her straight about dipping her nose where it doesn’t belong if she keeps it up!!! Ha ha! I remain very hopeful for Ashley. She will learn!”

Despite certain people coming for her title, Karen says she will never give up her number one spot. “DE-titled…Ha Ha Ha!” laughs Karen. “If the girls could carry the title, they would already have it. Please let me go on record by saying, I am not into titles. I know exactly who I am…These ladies will not define me. That is my job to show you who I am. Besides, ‘cream always rises to the top.’ It does not matter which locality I lay my head, the title that was bestowed was all about my attitude. They see who I am and what I represent. As I look over my life, I am very grateful for many things. Right now, I am most grateful for family and friends. Come on ladies get behind some real substance with our time instead of this pettiness. Reality check, next!”


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