Even though Karen Huger has a lot of questions to answer for in regard to her shady financial situation, she refused to truly address any of the speculation when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Monique Samuels. Instead of coming clean about some obvious inconsistencies, she just deflected and threw shade at the other Real Housewives of Potomac cast members, of course.

I don’t know why Karen would step into the club house a couple hours after that episode aired.  I mean she had to know those questions were coming, but clearly she didn’t care. It’s Karen’s world and we’re all just living in it- or at least that’s how she’s acting.

There’s nothing wrong with downsizing and making a fiscally responsible real estate move, but Karen just seems so shady about everything this new house. After a season of commenting on everyone else’s business and staying out of the fray, it’s finally Karen’s turn to step into the spotlight and the glare is anything but flattering.

Andy Cohen asked “Was your reason about downsizing? The women are cackling about financial issues.” Instead of actually answering the question, Karen deflected, “Of course they are because they have financial issues. People that talk about money have no money.” Is she not watching the same show that I am? Karen is constantly bragging about her “wealth” and she even refers to her husband as the “Black Bill Gates.”

Since Andy was going to get nowhere asking Karen about her own life, he had to change the conversation topics to the other cast members. He said, “Should Robyn [Dixon] leave Juan [Dixon] for good? We spent a lot of time at the reunion talking about this and Juan was there.” I was actually pretty surprised by what Karen had to say. It was actually (almost) kind of nice: “I was blown away by Juan though. For the whole season I thought Robyn was bouncing reality checks. I was like ‘What is wrong with her?’ But at the same time, when Juan came in, it certainly cleared things up for me.” I feel like nothing is ever clear with Robyn and Juan, so I can’t wait to see that reunion.

Andy asked Monique about her first impressions of the ladies and where they stand today. Surprisingly enough, when Monique was asked about Gizelle Bryant she shared, “We’re cordial. We’re good. We’re okay.” When asked about Ashley Darby, Monique said, “Ashley is a mystery. She is  a ball of fun, but she’s so messy and she loves to stir the pot. I don’t know if I can trust her, but I love her.” I’m sure that comment didn’t sit too well with Ashley, but I can’t help agreeing. It just seems like Ashley has no qualms to stirring shit up for camera time. This is very helpful for the show, but I can’t imagine that it’s too great for an actual friendship.

Of course those Charrisse firefighter affair rumors were addressed again. This is the non-story that just won’t end. A caller asked, “Were the rumors true about Charrisse having a firefighter boyfriend or was Gizelle just stirring the pot?” Monique immediately answered, “Stirring the pot for sure. That was a rumor that came from Instagram from some random stalker and Gizelle was the only one who actually took the bait and put it out there.” As expected, Karen took the shady route and declared, “I plead the fifth.”

Monique adamantly stated, “My girl ain’t dating no daggone fireman.” And once again, Karen shaded Charrisse by avoiding the question and saying “One thing I will tell you about Monique is she is extremely loyal and I love that about her. Ride or die.” Sure, that’s a compliment to Monique- on the surface- but that’s really just some more shade thrown at Charrisse.

Charrisse was watching the show (obviously) and tweeted, “Karen should worry about her boyfriend and not if I have one!” What? Karen has a boyfriend? Meanwhile, the Black Bill Gates was sitting in the audience and it would have been a great time for the cameraman to zoom in on him for a reaction shot. Definitely a missed opportunity there. Then Karen failed to truly insult Charrisse with this mixed/incomplete metaphor: “She’s like the women running around like a Ford car. You can’t put a bumper sticker on a Ford and call it a Rolls Royce. That’s Charrisse.” Clearly she didn’t watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion last year when Teresa’s Giudice’s Ford comment caused some major controversy.

That wasn’t the only odd thing Karen said during the episode though. When she was asked about Robyn calling her a “hypocrite” during last week’s episode. Karen claimed, “Robyn is like Tinker Bell out of control this season so it doesn’t register with me. She needs to get herself together before she comes to me about anything.” For someone who claims to be the “Grand Dame of Potomac,” I figured she would throw better shade. She definitely missed the mark with the insults last night.

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Photo Credit: Bravo TV