Real Housewives of Potomac recap

When this Real Housewives of Potomac season first started, it seemed like Gizelle Bryant vs. Charrisse Jackson-Jordan was going to be the feud in focus, but Charrisse has a new sparring partner and it’s the self-proclaimed Grand Dame of Potomac (who doesn’t even live in Potomac) Karen Huger.

I was more than happy to let the Gizelle and Charrisse drama go, but I started to miss it when Charrisse and Karen started butting heads about hosting a cast vacation. So. Stupid. Are there not better things to argue about? Clearly there was an overload of projection in this situation, but on my end it just made for some pretty annoying television.

Gizelle was more than happy to share her thoughts on Charrisse and Karen’s drama in her Bravo blog. She declared, “This showdown was long overdue, and I think will eternally continue.” Really though? What am I missing? Other than two women who are obsessed with and arguable delusional about their finances projecting their issues onto one another. Why do I have to be tortured by this forever? This is such a boring stretch of a story line, but then again this is Potomac- an often forgotten step child in the Real Housewives franchise.

Gizelle mused, “Similar to the Hatfield and McCoy feud, no one knows how it started, no one knows what it’s really about and NO ONE CARES. The Huger/Jordan feud is the gift that keeps on giving.” Can it just not though? This story line sucks. I know I could have said that in a more eloquent way, but I cannot be bothered. This is just so stupid. The vacation seemed lame anyway. Who would want to take credit for hosting that? Plus, it was obviously an idea from someone in production to go to Bermuda. I doubt that Karen, Charrisse, or anyone else in the cast had much to do with the location selection or itinerary. Let’s be realistic here.

Gizelle made it clear that she will never be the peacemaker in this group since she wrote, “I actually LOVE to see them scratch each others eyes out. It’s like the battle of the hot flashes.”

Aside from this ridiculous vacation host story line, I’m also so done with the ladies talking about who the Grande Dame of Potomac is- as if that’s not some title that Karen just made up. It. Is. Not. Real. Then again, this is Real Housewives of Potomac and I’m over here hoping for the same caliber of drama that I get in Orange County and Atlanta. They fight over serious allegations on those shows. Potomac is just child’s play in comparison.

Annoyingly enough, this Grand Dame thing is a popular topic of conversation. Gizelle explained, “Karen has held the title of Grand Dame for too long for us to take it away and bestow it upon anyone else. So Karen, regardless of whether she actually is or is not, can keep her Grand Dame title.” This is a MADE UP title. Why does anyone care about this? That’s not even a rhetorical question. If anyone wants to explain to me why this is at all important in the Real Housewives universe, I would love to be enlightened. “The OG of the OC,” now that’s a title I can get behind. This? Not so much.

It gets even more annoying though. Gizelle declared, “Champagne Charrisse has earned herself to now be referred to as Your Highness.” Can we just stop with this nonsense? No one cares (at all) about these nominal titles.

Thankfully, Gizelle steered her blog back to the one topic that is piquing my interest this season: Karen’s (beyond) questionable financial situation. Gizelle said what we are all thinking: “Typically nothing Karen says adds up, and that is the beauty of Karen. She is fun to be around and makes you laugh but the relationship is consistently Trump-ish. You know before the conversation starts not to believe a word that comes out of her mouth.”

She concluded by stating the (very) obvious: “To this day I still really don’t understand why Karen ‘downsized’ by moving to a bigger house. Maybe the goal is for her and the Black Bill Gates to play hide and never seek.” Karen’s financial situation is her own business, but after two seasons of constantly bragging about her own wealth on  reality TV show, what was she expecting from people?

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