Ashley Darby

In her Real Housewives of Potomac blog this week, Ashley Darby breaks down the conclusion and the aftermath of the Bermuda trip.

On Charrisse Jackson-Jordan confronting Karen Huger, Ashley shares, “Come through with the laser tongue, Mrs. Jackson! I had no idea Karen and Charrisse were feuding so hard, and I knew gosh darn well it wasn’t over planning a girls’ trip to Bermuda. This was meant to be a time of bonding and getting away from the pressures we are all dealing with at home, but the longstanding drama between these two showed through. I think Charrisse and Karen think they are big fish who are fighting for dominance in a small pond.”

Speaking of pressures at home, Ashley has two very big ones: her restaurant, Oz, and her husband, Michael. Ashley says her trip to Bermuda gave her some much needed Ashley time. “It’s hard to love and care for others when you’re not in a good space with yourself, and laughing and dancing in Bermuda allowed me to do just that.”

With that said, Ashley admits in her blog that she “almost blew a gasket” when Michael told her he changed her title at Oz. “I am open to making changes but communication is essential to any relationship, both personal and professional, so it stung to hear Michael had made changes in my absence. At the same time, I have to remember Michael is my business partner and makes decisions in the best interest of the restaurant, and my ego needs to take a back seat. I appreciate him thinking of ways to separate the business from our personal life in order to keep the love we have for each other burning bright.”

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Moving on to Karen being so secretive about her move to Great Falls, Ashley snarks, “You would think Karen is housing the Hope Diamond with the amount of mystery surrounding her move.” Ashley adds, “For a woman who proudly boasts about ‘owning her stuff,’ it’s odd that Karen is secretive about moving from her beloved Potomac so quickly and mysteriously. She may be able to run to Great Falls but whatever she’s dodging will follow her there too.”

Finally, Ashley hopes Charrisse enjoys her much-deserved champagne room. But, no matter how luxurious it is, Ashley doesn’t expect Karen to hand her “Grande Dame” title over to Charrisse. “Charrisse did the damn thang with that champagne room! It’s classy and elegant – befit for a woman who has been a wife and mother for many years, and is now taking some time to think about herself. I hope she sits on that plush, white chair, booty butt naked, with a glass of chilled Veuve Clicquot, and feels confident in herself. I’m not sure Karen will part with the title of Grande Dame; they may need to duke it out over a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.”


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