Jenni "JWoww" Farley with daughter Melani

Jenni “JWoww” Farley Launches New Family-Based Reality Show; Says Jersey Shore Changed Her Life For The Better

Jenni “JWoww” Farley has come a long way since her days boozing and fist bumping on Jersey Shore. The now-married mother of two says she’s a totally different person who’s in bed by 10PM, and her only connection to her former life? Her enduring friendship (and continued reality TV career) with Snooki and other co-stars.

Since tying the knot with Roger Matthews and getting involved in home renovations and flipping, the reformed JWoww has found “tranquility.” The family spends much of their time at their Maine lake house. Jenni explains that she goes there to “find peace without cell phones or internet” and teach her children to “value taking a step back and be one with nature.” 

Of course, with her career linked to social media and reality TV, Jenni can’t completely escape. She and Snooki continue to film together in various projects, and capitalizing on her family life, Jenni and Roger recently launched a YouTube series called “Jenni & Roger: Domesticated” about parenting and relationships, which she says refuses to “sugar coat” the truth. Like how Roger got a vasectomy or her kids tantrums.

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According to Jenni, their new series will illustrate more than ever how much her life has changed since the Jersey Shore days, but the lessons she learned about opening her life up to the cameras, and the money she has earned doing so, continue to stay with her.

“You’re going to get criticized for what you do, even if you’re Susie Homemaker or Betty Crocker. You have to be super secure in how you parent and how you are as a person,” Jenni told Fox. “Since the beginning, eight years ago on ‘Jersey Shore,’ good, bad, or indifferent I have always been myself. Even during those moments that made me cringe? Yep, that was me. And at that point, you’re going to laugh at it.”

Jenni has no regrets and cites the financial security Jersey Shore continues to provide. “I love it and I have no regrets. I am glad I did it. I just can’t imagine trying to recreate it and do it again.”

“The life that my kids have… I hope they realize it came from such a great opportunity. So when people try to make fun of them, or try to knock them down for having a crazy mom and crazy aunts and uncles… I hope they understand it was our time. I hope they realize it was the thing of our era,” Jenni continues. “It was cool, and it made mommy enough money to support their lifestyle.”

Reflecting on those very different days, Jenni reveals, “Like I honestly can’t envision going out, really partying, and doing what I did years ago. It’s a different world for me. It’s not even a different chapter in my life. I feel like it’s a different book.”

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Jenni is still close with all of her former co-stars, most notably Snooki, whom she sees weekly. “It’s like we haven’t even skipped a beat. We’ve been in and out of each other’s lives,” she says of the cast mates today. “I see Sammi (Sweetheart) once a month. But sometimes Pauly (D), Mike (The Situation), and Ron, I don’t get to see very often. But [whenever we get together] it’s like nothing has changed. Time never passed.”

Of a possible Jersey Shore reunion, she’s ambivalent and proposes “maybe a vacation” for a couple weeks to catch viewers up on their lives. “I just don’t know how it would go down because of marriages and kids. It would have to be short lived,” Jenni explains. “None of that has been talked about, but if they were to, I would have to bring them along because I couldn’t spend more than a few days without my family.”


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