Little Women LA Season Finale Recap: '80s Prom

Little Women: LA Season Finale Recap: ’80s Prom

It’s only fitting that season six of Little Women: LA ends with a marriage proposal, since there’s so much love in this group. (HA.) But at least it’s a change of pace from the baby boom of 2016. Plus, Tonya Banks’ relationship with Kerwin isn’t nearly as tragically screwed up as Briana Renee’s with Matt Ericson [Grundhoffer] is. So – there’s that, right? (I know, I’m reaching here!) Drama still reigns though, as Terra Jole attempts to makes the ladies’ last event together, an ’80s prom, all about her. But it’s really Elena Gant who steals the show, emerging as the true Wonder Woman of this group when she lays down the law with both Terra and Briana.

At tennis, Jasmine Sorge and Terra hit balls, then sit down to rehash the dinner in which Terra screamed at both Elena and Christy McGinity Gibel. So, what’s Terra going to now? She’s going to deflect by bringing up the Briana/Matt mess, that’s what! Jasmine reiterates that Terra putting Christy’s video on blast ignited a fire, and she can’t keep blaming their problems on the police report. As for Elena, Terra thinks their friendship has changed ever since she competed on Dancing With The Stars. Yeah, it did. But she doesn’t own her part in why it changed. Jasmine suggest an ’80s prom theme party to get the group together, because we all know how well large group events go for this bunch!

Since they’ve come back from Alaska, Briana and Matt are pretending that they’re in marital bliss again. Oh – except they’re also going to pretend to do therapy together so it feeds into their Couples Retreat spinoff, coming this summer to Lifetime. (Groan.) They’re also planning on skipping Jasmine’s party because you know, it will be a bunch of “high school bullsh*t,” according to Matt. Except he’s in middle school. Briana might go alone if need be, but she certainly can’t bring that mangey mutt of hers anywhere near the girls if she wants to call herself “fierce.”


At lunch, Jasmine talks to Elena about Terra. Does she see resolution for their friendship? Not really, says Elena, who seems totally over the Terra drama. “I am very much done with her,” deadpans Elena, who’s sick of Terra using her problems to gain sympathy. Jasmine suggests Elena come to her ’80s prom party with Preston anyway, even though Elena essentially rolls her eyes at the idea. She doesn’t plan on playing nice with Terra, despite Jasmine’s wishes that they give their friendship one last shot. “More power to you,” jokes Elena.


At home, Jasmine hangs out with her mom and kids. She’s grateful for her mother’s help now that Chris is back to work, and she doesn’t plan on going back to work herself anytime soon. Jasmine’s mom discusses the Briana/Matt situation with her daughter, plainly saying how awful it is. Jasmine just hopes Briana gets out of her sh*t-tastic relationship before her children are affected, but she (and everyone else) knows that will never happen.

Speaking of the doomed couple, they head to therapy to talk about the “bumps” in their marriage – bumps which are otherwise known as Matt cheating on his wife in the very hotel they’re staying in on a COUPLES’ TRIP. The therapist asks if Matt thinks anything like this will happen again? (Um, is she new here?) Matt is noncommittal. He can’t predict where the wind will blow! Or whither his d*ck will travel, whether in person or by iPhone! GAWD. It’s just so…depressing. Watching these two cry over their mutual pact to ruin their lives and – worse yet – the lives of their kids, is not entertaining.

Out shopping for prom dresses, Tonya and Terra try on some costumes, then discuss marriage. Tonya is readier than ever to commit to Kerwin after seeing the dumpster fire of Briana’s marriage. She thinks, hey – at least my life ain’t that messed up! Then Terra launches (for the thousandth time) into her issues with Christy. But even Tonya is done listening to this infantile drama, reminding Terra that Christy is part of the group. So Terra just needs to get over it, period! But Terra will never listen. “It feels like talking to a brick wall,” bemoans Tonya.

At home, Terra remind us that the center of her life is her family. Joe and Terra still don’t know if their son has dwarfism or not, but she’s up for finding out soon. She also throws Elena under the bus as a mom (oh no she didn’t!) for treating her baby boys differently because one has dwarfism and one doesn’t. Wow. That’s low, even for Terra.

Christy and Elena meet up to try on dresses next, even though Elena’s still not enthused about the prom idea. Still afflicted with laryngitis, Christy can only text – not talk. She tries to encourage Elena to go the the party, despite her issues with Terra. She’s going, after all, and Terra hates her ass! (Are you not loving Christy for not giving a flying f**k this season? She is #Winning!) Plus, Christy and Elena never went to prom, so why not live it up? Even if they shudder at the thought of seeing Briana and her grotesque husband there.


It’s prom night! And the couples arrive in their ’80s finery, including a purple wig for Terra that she may want to rethink. Even though Terra and Jasmine gush about the event’s decor and vibe, the empty room says “sad rented Ramada ballroom” more than “most epic party ever!” At least everyone can agree on one thing: They do not want to see Matt’s purple face nor his pleather jacket in the vicinity.

When Elena shows up, she tries to avoid Terra while Jasmine stands around awkwardly waiting for the fun to spontaneously descend upon them. Tonya and her daughter, Angelique, sit down to discuss the engagement rings she and Kerwin have been looking at. Angelique thinks it’s ridiculous for her mom to demand a 2-carat ring, and she’s not too enthused about her parents getting married either. Tonya is taken aback.

Also taken aback is every human in the room when Briana marches in – WITH MATT. There are not enough UGHS in the world for this move. But if it’s drama they’re looking for, they’ll find it here. On that note, Briana sidles up to the ladies, all smiles about her “rockstar rebel” look, and about her marriage – which she claims she’s fighting for in fake counseling. Terra wonders what will happen if he cheats again? Of course, Briana says she’ll leave. But Matt’s only on his 10th or 11th Hall Pass at this point. And he’s got at least ten thousand to go.


As Christy hilariously shows Elena how to “’80s dance,” she tells her how much better she’s feeling – plus, she can talk again! She thinks the fight between Terra and Elena will blow over too, even though Elena really, truly looks like she’s past the point of caring. She’s entered the dead zone with this relationship. She’s apparently also entered the honesty zone with Briana, flat out asking her “WHY?” when Briana explains how she and Matt are staying together. Tonya realizes they’re a lost cause, so she just walks away when Briana starts flapping her gums about “making it work.” She’s danced to this sh*tty song before.

But it’s Elena, our new hero, who has fresh clarity about Briana, and lays down some real truth telling in this here ballroom! She tells Briana that she’s done with her. She thinks Matt is a world class douchebag, so she doesn’t see a point in continuing their friendship. And since she would never, ever allow her family to be around Matt, why even bother to pretend that any of this is normal? “I pretty much can’t stand your husband,” says Elena, who shrugs and basically says goodbye to Briana and her giant bag of bullsh*t for good. YESSSSSSS!!! ELENA FOR THE WIN!!!


Suddenly, it’s time to crown prom king and queen, so Terra and Jasmine take the stage to bestow the honor upon…Tonya and Kerwin. A perfect setup for Kerwin’s plan, which is revealed as he and Tonya stand on stage in their crowns. Kerwin reminds Tonya that she’ll always be his queen, pulling out a ring box with some nice bling inside – and she says yes! Aww. It’s a sweet moment to end a pretty sour season. So, many congrats to them both! Hopefully, Angelique will be on board soon too (not to mention her mom, who already looks like she’s getting cold feet – eek!)


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