Gizelle Bryant Doesn’t Buy Karen Huger’s Reasons For Moving; Defends Being Called A Mean Girl

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 14113 -- Pictured: Gizelle Bryant -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Part one of The Real Housewives Of Potomac reunion focused largely on Karen Huger – and the super shady, Scooby Doo mystery bus that moved all of her belongings from one house to another rental while she vacationed in Bermuda. Although Karen attempted to defend her reasons for moving quickly – and to a place outside of Potomac – Gizelle Bryant still isn’t buying it. And neither is just about anyone else, especially now that we know more about Karen’s husband, Ray, owing millions in back taxes.

Gizelle responds to Karen’s claims that she moved to be closer to her parents, even hoping that her parents might come live with her one day. “I DO NOT understand Karen’s house moving explanation at all what-so-EVER! It was very confusing. Are her parents packing their bags and getting ready to move into this Great Falls house? Aren’t her parents very old and need to be cared for? Would they even care where they live? Again, CONFUSING!”

Gizelle also cries foul on Karen denying she’s had some “work done” south of her face – i.e., a possible breast reduction (which Andy Cohen blatantly called out). “Karen doesn’t deny getting ‘work’ done. She just denies the location where she gets the work done. She calls me a liar but offers for me to come with her next time. My love for Karen and her balls of contradiction grows by the minute.”

When it came to accusations aimed at her – notably for cheating on her ex-husband while still married – Gizelle shrugged them off. Plain and simple, she thinks Charrisse Jackson-Jordan was reaching. She admits, “At first I was shocked about the LIE that Charrisse was telling about me and my previous marriage but as I thought about it, I felt differently. I get it, people who live in glass houses throw boulders. People that live in infidelity dysfunction think that’s the norm. Last but not least I am DIVORCED.”

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Plus, Gizelle says she’s happy with her new man, Sherman, anyway! And despite the fact that Monique Samuels thinks that she and Robyn Dixon are mean-girl “green eyed bandits,” Gizelle won’t be changing the shade of her eye color, or her epic shade, anytime soon.

Gizelle comments in her blog, “Monique doesn’t know me or Robyn well enough to make a comment about our relationship. Does anyone care what Monique thinks?? Of course, people are going to make judgments and question the green-eyed bandits. The dynamic duo strikes again… they’re haters!”

Robyn can also hold her own, as we heard when she was nearly threatening to give Ashley Darby an a$$-beating in between takes on the reunion couches! Gizelle warns Ashley that “Robyn is NOT to be played with, and she means exactly what she said. Catch her in a back alley no cameras and say something slick out your mouth…I suggest Ashley cross the street when Ms. Dixon is coming.”


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo