Robyn Dixon Thinks Ashley Darby’s Behavior Is Influenced By The Cameras & Karen Huger Still Isn’t Being Honest About Her Move

Even though Robyn Dixon was relatively cool with the rest of the ladies on Real Housewives of Potomac this season, the first part of the reunion ended up being all about her. Of course they also “addressed” Karen Huger‘s shady move and got no plausible explanation for it.

Then Ashley Darby and Monique Samuels secured their spots for Season 3 really came at Robyn hard out of nowhere.

Robyn discussed part one of the reunion in her Bravo blog.

Robyn echoed the sentiment of almost every viewer when she said, “Once again, here goes Karen talking in circles and chasing her own tail. Not one word that Karen said while sitting on that couch made any sense to me nor gave me any clarity on the reasons for her move. I honestly am not one to judge anyone for the decisions they make for their family, however, I really feel that Karen is not being completely honest about her move.”

Well, obviously. Karen will never actually explain this, but the millions of dollars in tax liens against her husband sure does.

Instead of discussing anything in her own life, Ashley came at Robyn. Obviously Robyn wasn’t too fond of that and wrote, “I didn’t expect anything different from Ashley. While she continues to bash my life and family, I will continue to wish her and Michael [Darby] well.” Robyn couldn’t hide her annoyance with Ashley in her blog or at the reunion when the cameras picked up a “private” conversation between her and Charrisse.

Robyn explained, “My comments really are a moot point because, just as I said on the Reunion, I truly believe that Ashley would never behave the way she did without the presence of the cameras. I am not a violent person at all and I don’t go looking for a fight, so it is unfortunate that my private conversation with Charrisse was heard. But in the heat of the moment, when feeling like I have been repeatedly disrespected and attacked for no reason, I made some aggressive comments that I should have kept to myself.”

Everyone can see that Ashley is just stirring shit up so she can keep this job and keep the focus off of her own personal life.

Ashley wasn’t the only one who offended Robyn. She admitted, “Monique’s comments completely surprised me. Saying that I am ‘beneath’ Gizelle [Bryant] speaks volumes about who Monique really is and what she places value in. I’ve never done anything to Monique so I definitely wasn’t expecting to hear her attack me in her blog about Gizelle. I think it’s time for Monique to join #TeamDoingTooMuch (insert multiple eye roll emojis).” I have to assume that Ashley is the captain of that team.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]