Peggy Sulahian Opens Up About Her First Real Housewives Of Orange County Episode & Meeting Lydia Mclaughlin

I don’t know what to make out of Peggy Sulahian based on her first Real Housewives of Orange County episode. First off, introducing her as a “friend of Lydia McLaughlin’s” was a total stretch since they met on camera. It very rarely works when the new girl doesn’t have a preexisting relationship in the cast. Then, she opened up about her double mastectomy which was brave and informative. But she topped it all off talking about her cars and getting lavish gifts from her husband.

She gave us a lot to work with, but it is so tough to piece it all together. Thankfully that was only episode two so there’s plenty of time to figure out if we like Peggy.

In her first Bravo blog ever, Peggy revealed, “At first, I felt my guard unintentionally being up considering it was the first time I left my house after my double mastectomy, but Lydia’s amiable hello made me feel safe. Not only did I think Lydia looked so beautiful, but what left a greater impact was how emotionally supportive she was of my situation. Her personality and body language comforted me, which allowed me to open up to her and quickly be able to bond.”

She continued, “After knowing Lydia and Doug [McLaughlin] for only 20 minutes, I felt so inspired by how connected they were with one another, and how much they understood each other with minimal communication. I still thank my husband to this day for persuading me into joining him on the photoshoot, because I wouldn’t have met Lydia at the moment I needed her support the most.” I would love to know how she was cast on the show, since she met Lydia in front of the cameras and Lydia even mentioned that Doug only met Diko Sulahian the week before. It will be interesting to see how she fits in with this group.

Peggy admitted, “When Lydia asked me about my double mastectomy, I was completely caught off guard. I had never openly discussed the subject with anybody outside my immediate family, so to have the question asked in such an innocent, yet blunt manner, took me a while to process.” She also said, “But when Lydia asked me from a place of compassion and sincerity, it was easier to discuss the situation. My personal incident is becoming easier to communicate with others.” Lydia always seems to come from a place of compassion and sincerity, but she never seems to have the best timing when it comes to pushing a serious topic- which we all saw when she pushed Shannon Beador to discuss Vicki Gunvalson within minutes of meeting.

And then after all of the talk about connecting with Lydia and her journey with the double mastectomy, Peggy talked about her husband giving her presents. She said, “Diko is such a loving, giving man. He does lavish me with gifts all the time, but only because he never wants to wait for a special occasion.” Definitely seemed a little ostentatious to me, but then again this is Real Housewives and showing off wealth is pretty much the norm.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]