Southern Charm’s Danni Baird Talks Wedding Plans; Discusses Whether Or Not Landon Clements Is Genuine

If anyone is doing this reality TV thing right, it’s Danni Baird. She isn’t a full-time cast member on Southern Charm, but she gets to enjoy a lot of the perks and avoid a lot of the drawbacks. She has always been there, but the viewers don’t really know a ton about her.

Other than serving as a confidant to Kathryn Dennis, Danni wasn’t a major part of this season. Even so, she did faint in Key West from dehydration and she did reveal that she is now an engaged woman.

In an interview on the Be Here For A While with Rachael O’Brien podcast, Danni discussed the latest season of Southern Charm. When asked about her fiance, Danni revealed, “All season they really wanted Todd to be a part of it. I really wanted him to be if he wanted to be. He kind of caved at the end of the season, which I knew probably wouldn’t make a lot of sense [to the viewers].”

She also shared that she was really put off by the social media response after Todd first appeared on the show. Danni admitted, “I have never felt just shear wrath to respond to people on social media because I’m so protective of him and I love and adore him so much.” When asked if she ever acknowledged the haters, Danni asserted, “I refuse to.” Honestly, I have no idea what anyone could even hate on this man for. He was barely in the show and Danni seems to be very happy with the engagement.

Danni continued, “Here’s my thing, the people that are gonna hate and talk shit about him or our age difference or whatever they want to talk about, they’re probably not in their own great relationship. To me it’s deflection.” Exactly. She also revealed, “We are getting married in September.”

When asked for Kathryn updates, Danni said, “She’s got a lot going on. I’m really proud of her. That’s all I can say. I haven’t been tapped into Charleston as much as I wish.” She also said, “It’s not as easy for us to hang out as it used to be. She seems very healthy to me, very happy, very in tune with herself. I don’t know any specifics that have gone on recently. We’ve communicated in the last week over text message. She’s in very good spirits.”

When asked if Kathryn and Thomas Ravenel are going to get back together, Danni’s guess is as good as anyone’s. She said, “Honestly I don’t know. I doubt it. I doubt it right now.” Still she does seem to have hope that they’ll reunite because she did say, “They need some time apart from each other just to center themselves and fall in love again just like they did the first time without all these preconceived notions.”

One big topic of conversation this season is whether or not Landon Clements actually has sympathy for Kathryn– or if she’s just trying to rehab her image after so many questionable incidents and comments. In reference to Landon and Kathryn during the group’s Key West trip, Danni said, “I don’t know. I bought it that night, enough to the point where she defended her the next day.”

Surprisingly Danni did say, “I think in her heart of hearts, she’s always wanted to say those things to Kathryn.” Still, Danni said, “There’s some element of pride that has kept her from feeling like she has to do that. Whether it’s saving face in her mind or principle, I don’t know what it is, but just it just makes sense for you to acknowledge at least at some capacity that you have entered her life.” She added, “She entered her life and affected her.” Personally, I’m not buying Landon’s newfound sympathy for Kathryn, but I would never buy anything Landon is selling- and don’t even get me started on her travel website.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]