Vicki Gunvalson Wants Briana Culberson To Be A Real Housewife

It’s so crazy to think that the viewers watched Briana Culberson getting ready for prom when Real Housewives of Orange County first started and now she’s giving on-camera interviews and avoiding Tamra Judge at social events. She is basically a Real Housewife herself, but that’s not enough for her mom Vicki Gunvalson. The OG of the OC wants her daughter to join the cast- officially!

It is so annoying when people join the cast who have no genuine ties to the ladies. The conversation, drama, and the relationships in general just seem way too contrived. Adding someone’s daughter would definitely emphasis the “real” in Real Housewives. I mean I would definitely take Briana over a few of the current cast members that we are stuck with this season.

Personally I feel like Briana serves as a breath of fresh air on this show, but she just doesn’t seem like she would ever be into being a Housewife herself. She seems super busy and way above the petty drama. Although she would be the only one in the cast capable of keeping Vicki in check, which would be useful. Then again, we already get that from Briana in her current role, so she can give us what we need and avoid the drama she doesn’t want to be a part of. At this point, she can have her cake and eat it too, so joining the cast isn’t exactly necessary.

Nevertheless, Vicki told 9 News, “It’s probably time. You know, the viewers are ready for her. She’s such a great girl. She’s no bulls**t.” Someone who’s “no bull shit,” probably has no interest in being a Housewife. Being a Housewife comes with a barrage of bull shit.

Vicki joked, “She’ll eat those girls up!” That wouldn’t surprise me at all, but then again I’m sure (most of) the other ladies have treated her differently because she is a cast member’s daughter and not a cast member. It would be a whole different ball game if Briana was on the same playing field.

Vicki added, “She’s good TV. She doesn’t [even] try to be good TV. She just is.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]