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Vicki Gunvalson may be the OG of OC, but she’s been hard pressed to find many allies this season of The Real Housewives Of Orange County. Thus, meeting newcomer Peggy Sulahian was just what the fake cancer doctor ordered! After meeting Peggy for all of thirty minutes, Vicki claims they share a deep bond – a bond which was immediately formed over the recent passing of both womens’ parents.

Vicki shares, “This week I met Peggy and Diko. They were so sweet and so kind that I had an immediate connection to them both. I’m really glad that Lydia [McLaughlin] invited them to Stirling’s birthday party as she had talked so highly of them before. When Peggy told me of the recent passing of her father, it brought me back to how I felt when I heard my mother unexpectedly passed as well.”

“Those of you that have lost one or both parents, you know how it feels with the constant numbing heartache. She has been through a lot lately and I wanted her to know I would be there for her if she needed me,” continues Vicki, who is still reeling over the loss of her mom last year.

Moving on to Vicki’s favorite subject, Tamra Judge, she laughs about Kelly Dodd’s new nickname for her: “I agree with Kelly when she said Tamra interferes with friendships and called her ‘Teflon Tamra.’ Leave it to Kelly to come up with a word like that. I couldn’t have said it any better.”

Despite her many issues with Tamra, Vicki admits she has sympathy for Tamra’s ongoing estrangement from her daughter, Sidney. She writes in her blog, “It was sad for me to watch the struggle that Tamra has been having with her daughter Sidney. I know how much she loves her and misses her and hopefully Sidney sees the sadness it has caused and will come around. It was also sad for me to hear the legacy of divorces in her family and how it affected each and every one of them in a unique way. I wish and pray for peace and forgiveness for both of them so they can move on.”

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Well, I wish and pray that these women would put their big girl pants on and at least be willing to film together. I can’t quite believe how much their egos are controlling who sees whom this season, and who’s willing to film with whom. It’s just trite, ridiculous, and straight up insulting to the viewers. These Housewives are supposed to be gladiators. Get in the arena, women!!

But Team Vicki/Kelly and Team Tamra/Shannon are holding strong…for now, at least. Vicki gushes about her friendship with Kelly, which they bonded over during Kelly’s vaginal rejuvenation. “Kelly and I have really gotten to be great friends during this past year, and when she asked me to go to her doctor’s office to get her ‘hoo-ha rejuvenated’ I wanted to be there for her. I have never heard of this procedure, but with the new technology nowadays in everything, I’m sure it will be good. There is a first for everything when it comes to being friends.”

Peggy, who’s likely being recruited to Vicki’s team, is on her good side at present. But how long will it be until Vicki lashes out at pampered Peggy over not having to WORK, like she does? Hmm. The clock is ticking!

Until that inane argument occurs, Vicki shares that it’s all smiles and rainbows between them. She writes, “I was glad to have been invited to Diko and Peggy’s house and was so impressed at all the expensive cars he collects. I respect the business Diko has built and the love he has for his wife and family. I really enjoy them and look forward to getting to know them better.”


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

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