Lydia's brother Jesse

Once again, I found myself being jealous of one of the Real Housewives kids having an over the top birthday party. First Tamra Judge’s daughter Ava had a unicorn themed party in a beer garden. Now, Lydia McLaughlin’s son is living it up at a movie themed party, complete with a red carpet and screening for his friends.

I would kill to have one of these parties to celebrate my birthday. Nevertheless, Lydia’s party this week didn’t really move the plot forward on Real Housewives of Orange County. Good for her though, this is the one week she isn’t stirring up involved in the drama.

Since Lydia didn’t have any drama this week, her Bravo blog post was pretty light and fluffy. She discussed why her dad wasn’t present for her son’s party: “My dad goes back and forth from Canada to Orange County a lot. He is very involved in my and my boys’ lives, but sometimes he has to be at work, even when we know his heart is with us. I grew up with him working a lot, so this is something I’m used to. He is a great husband, father, and grandfather to my boys.” Completely understandable. It’s tough to make it to every event.

Of course Lydia didn’t miss a chance to plug her magazine when she discussed her brother’s appearance in the episode: “You also get to meet my brother Jesse, whom I very close with. He works with us on NOBLEMAN MAGAZINE, and he is the best uncle to my boys.”

Lydia did get a little shady toward the end of her blog though, writing, “I’m proud of my mom for moving forward with everything that happened with Briana [Culberson] and Ryan [Culberson].” Nice enough, but she couldn’t help stirring shit up a little with this next statement: “It does sting a little for me, watching the flashback of the reunion where Briana tells lies about my mom in an attempt to justify her husband’s behavior, but I will take a page from my mother’s playbook and move forward and try to take the high road. Nothing but love all around.” Accusing someone of lying is not my definition of “moving forward” or “taking the high road.” I cannot wait until Vicki Gunvalson catches wind of Lydia’s comment about Briana.

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