Malia White and Wes Walton

Are Below Deck Mediterranean’s Malia White & Wes Walton Still Together? Malia Says She’s “Not A Prize To Be Won”

The second season of Below Deck Mediterranean was a million times better than I ever expected. Most of my enjoyment can be attributed to Malia White’s love triangle with Wes Walton and Adam Glick. When the season ended, Adam had nothing but hate for Malia and he even went to Wes with some text receipts.

Even that damning evidence didn’t turn Wes away from Malia. They ended the season with the promise to pursue their relationship on land, but did they end up dating? Are they still together?

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer on Wes and Malia’s  relationship status… until the reunion show airs on Tuesday, August 15, but it sure looks promising.

Wes told Bravo’s The Daily Dish, “We left the confines of where all this craziness was happening and it allowed us to be us now. And we like to be vulnerable and we like to be raw without cameras and without people interrupting and I think that alone allows us to explore and gives us time to decide what we really want. If it was something that was gonna be, we would follow it, we would chase it, we would give it that chance.”

Even though Wes said so many words, he really said nothing definitive, but it does sound like a mushy man in love to me, so that’s pretty promising for any Walia or Mes (whatever their couple name) shippers out there. Personally, I vote Mes and would like another “s” at the end for the sake of marketability.

While I was tuning to this show every week to see the twists and turns of the Malia, Wes, and Adam love triangle, Malia was (understandably) not as pumped to relive the drama when the episodes aired. In an Instagram post from the night the finale episode aired, Malia wrote, “The season finale will definitely give you closure on the ‘love triangle.’ But if you want to know who ‘won’ the girl this season – you’re asking the wrong question. I’m not a prize to be won or anyone’s claim to be made. I’ll make my own decisions and be my own person.” Preach, girl.

And she ended it with this note: “I’m young, traveling, having fun, and kissing boys! Life is too short to be boring!” And that is why we love Malia.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]