Below Deck Med's Malia White Strikes Back At Her "Haters"; Captain Sandy Yawn Defends Her Promotion

Below Deck Med’s Malia White Strikes Back At Her Haters; Captain Sandy Yawn Defends Malia’s Promotion

Either Malia White is the world’s most desirable woman, or the crew of this season’s Below Deck Mediterranean has extreme cabin fever. Practically everyone but the anchor has developed romantic feelings for young Malia! Last week, when Malia’s superior – and number one love interest – Wes Walton chose Malia to be second in command over more experienced deckhand Bobby Giancola all hell broke loose.

The backlash Malia has recently received online seems to be troubling her, as she posted a few clap-backs to the fans and “haters” out there who question her professionalism, not to mention her manipulation of dueling suitors, Chef Adam Glick and Wes. Captain Sandy Yawn also came to Malia’s defense on Twitter, writing, “Wes made his decision. Malia was the right decision cause of her interest on the bridge. She was always asking me q’s about navigation.”

After Bobby accused Wes of naming Malia second in command because of his crush on her, Wes denied it. He defended that Malia was simply the better choice, and that he’d seen her show more initiative over the course of their charter season. Captain Sandy agreed.

But it was Malia who argued that SHE was being unfairly maligned for being a “cute female deckhand,” a claim which stirred up more than a few online responses. Malia took to Instagram last week to defend herself and to plead with viewers to stick around to see what happens next.

Before last week’s episode aired, Malia warned, “Lookout! This weeks episode isn’t the best for me. I should have made up my mind about both of the boys long before I did! I knew Adam, but was falling for Wes. I didn’t want to make a choice or hurt anyone- but my actions ended up hurting everyone. Fans- I hope you can stick with me through the rough patch to see how everything plays out!”

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After viewers witnessed the show (which included Adam’s revelation that Malia had been texting him sweet nothings the very same night she was making out with Wes!), Malia’s tone changed. She lashed out online, this time exchanging the word “fans” for “haters.”

Malia reacted on Instagram, “To the haters- you’ll never be able to convince me I’m something other than what I know myself to be. I’m young, having fun, making mistakes, learning lessons and kicking ass along the way! My misfortunes are just your weekly dose of entertainment. Take your hate elsewhere because it’s not going to good use here!”

Yikes! Apparently, Adam already shut down his Twitter account weeks ago – a move that some suspect came after he received his own dose of internet criticisms. Will Malia be the next to ghost us online? Seems like this crew is just getting a taste of what it means to showcase your life (and your messiness) on reality TV. And if they don’t get thicker skins soon, they’ll likely be in for a world of hurt.


Photo Credit: Bravo