Shep Rose Is Filming A Movie With Olivia Culpo & Bruce Willis

Even though everyone in the Southern Charm cast loves hating on Shep Rose, the man just keeps on thriving. Sure, he’s sleeping in until noon here and there, but it really seems like life is going his way these days, well, most days of his life in all honesty. Aside from being the only cast member to land his own spin off show, Shep is also the only one to get a part in a feature film.

There’s no word on how big Shep’s part is, but the movie stars Bruce Willis and Olivia Culpo, so the project sounds pretty legit to me.

According to an article from Decider, the movie is called Reprisal, and Bruce Willis is “a veteran that helps hunt down a sick child.” Olivia Culpo plays the child’s mom. So where does Shep come in? Shep posted a photo with him and Olivia Culpo on Instagram and shared, “I’ve been asked to be in a film starring Bruce Willis (seriously). I play an ambulance driver with an attitude. Born for this role (except the empathy and life saving skills).”

I am immediately intrigued, not necessarily by the movie itself, by Shep’s involvement specifically.

Shep added, “Anyhoo, this is @oliviaculpo the heroine (the female lead, not the drug) she is the very definition of unattainable; But so nice it’s kind of confusing. Movie  is called Reprisal. Love me some revenge. Stay tuned for more posts as events unfold.”

The best revenge of all is on his Southern Charm cast mates who hate Shep because they ain’t Shep. Well, none of them really “hate” him, but they just want him to get his act together and maybe this is the start of that? Let’s hope so. I am so here for Shep the actor.

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[Photo Credit: Instagram]