Shep Rose Explains Why The Southern Charm Audience Has Problems With Landon Clements

As much as the cast tries to make Kathryn Dennis the villain on Southern Charm, at this point the audience has really turned against Landon Clements. From flirting with everyone, to being malicious toward Kathryn, to that weird sexual tension with her and Thomas Ravenel, the list of off-putting behaviors just keeps on growing. When she joined the show, Shep Rose had a thing for her, she didn’t go for it, and eventually she professed her love for him because she had no story line on her own. Now, there seems to be a lot of tension between Landon and Shep and I’m not talking about the sexual kind.

Shep (just like the rest of the viewers) is not a fan of Landon’s “I’m better than you” attitude. Ever since he called her out for her obnoxious comment about hanging with “billionaires” and “not millionaires” it’s clear that she’s been trying to instigate him.


Shep had a lot of insight to share during an interview with Kate Casey for her Reality Life podcast. Kate asked what we were all wondering about Landon: “Do you feel like her persona is accurately portrayed on TV?”

Shep said, “She shoots herself in the foot like I’ve never seen, but we have people on this show who I think all shoot ourselves in the feet. If I introduce something, I have to be cognizant of the fact that a million and a half -or however how many people are watching- and it better be defensible. I better have a good reason to say something nasty or do something. I’d say that about my life too, but you’ve got to be a little extra careful [on a TV show]. I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like she doesn’t have that governor inside her that’s like ‘How is this going to do you any good?’ by saying this thing.” She clearly doesn’t, but I’m sure that there are plenty of overzealous trolls who remind Landon of everything she says on the show in her Twitter mentions after each episode ends.

Shep also pointed out the contradiction in Landon’s personality: “She says she wants peace and love, but she can be kind of aggressive. She has two people living inside her, I think sometimes. I love the hippie girl- the smiling, laughing hippie girl, but sometimes this other girl comes out and I think that’s when we have problems between she and I. And I think that’s when the audience has problems because the audience is paying attention. You can’t get anything past them.” Exactly. No one is here for Landon or her desperation.

As much as I love Shep and anyone who calls out Landon for her antics, we all have to admit that Southern Charm is basically the Thomas and Kathryn show- which has to be very exhausting for Shep. He admitted, “I don’t really care. If it means I can take a break and giggle in the corner with Cameran [Eubanks], that’s what I would rather do.” I get that, but Shep and Cam in the corner is not my ideal show.

Shep continued, “I get frustrated. I don’t know who to listen to. Thomas has the bigger microphone  sometimes and he gets the benefit of the doubt so that’s when I defend Kathryn, but then she does something so outrageous.” I can’t imagine being friends with both of them. That has to be so stressful to be in the middle of.

Shep added, “She’s always in control around me. I don’t see crazy on her. I see crazy on Thomas, but I see him more. They can both be very charming and god darn psychopathic. I like them both for a lot of different reasons. They’re cool by me. I don’t have a problem with them.”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]