If you were holding out hope that Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson were going to work out their issues, after reading her blog entry this week, you’ll see that ship has sailed. The Real Housewives of Orange County star declares that Vicki is dead to her and she is moving on to a new chapter in her friendship diary.

Tamra blogs about last night’s episode, “Peggy says it’s petty for Vicki and I to be arguing. MY question to her is WHO’S arguing? I’m just over Vicki’s crap and I don’t choose to have friends that stab me In the back all the time. I’m moving on — chapter closed!”

Tamra touches on the eating habits of her co-stars and their husbands, “As a fitness enthusiast I cringed listening to Kelly order all that food so high in fat. I haven’t eating like that in years. Not saying it probably didn’t taste good.” And on David Beador‘s snacking, “Watching David eating the chips made me laugh and annoyed at the same time. I hate hearing people eat. The girls say their mom’s healthy cooking is disgusting is pretty typical, my kids say the same thing sometimes. I’m very excited that Shannon is opening a healthy affordable restaurant.” At least Shannon has support from Tamra because David was so clearly NOT enthusiastic about the endeavor.

On her issues with Sidney, “Divorce is horrible on everyone involved. Sometimes I think, If I didn’t get divorced we would not be going through this. But I did and now I’m trying to navigate through it the best way I can. I’ve definitely have made mistakes along the way and beat myself up with the “what ifs”.”

Tamra shares that she’s moved on from her friendship with Vicki and Lydia needs to accept that. “When I asked if Vicki was there, I wanted to be prepared if I ran into her. I have no desire to intimidate Vicki like she had said. Never entered my mind, if you’re intimidated Vicki that’s your own insecurity. I don’t play that game.”

She continues, “The bottom line is I have moved on…someone tell Lydia.  Not everyone needs to be friends. I wish her well but I don’t care to be her friend. Vicki talks so badly about me to everyone and never takes accountability. She tries so hard to make me look like horrible. She’s constantly saying things like, “Tamra throws grenades and walks away”. No, that would be you! When have I done that to you, Vicki?  Or the best one, I divide and conquer “maintaining the control over one’s subordinates or encouraging distance” say what?  Again that would be you. Every time you meet someone new you tell them horrible things about me before they even meet me. You did that with Shannon, Heather, Kelly, and the list goes on.”

Tamra says that Eddie skipped the magazine launch because he can’t stand to deal with Vicki‘s crazy crap and would rather stay home. Tamra is definitely a little amused yet confused by Vicki pretending to be the victim in their friendship fallout. “I just bust up every time Vicki says, “I’m really hurt by what she’s done to me”. What have I done? It’s funny that she thinks I will come at her with “defense and justification” otherwise known as “the truth”. Give it up Vicki, you can say everyone did you wrong until you’re blue in the face but your actions speak louder than your words. Finally something both Vicki and I agree on “the damage is done”. Really Vicki, no one was giving you dirty looks at all…show up late and leave early and blame it on us. Classy! I love you Lydia but honestly Vicki is dead to me. No, that doesn’t mean I wish death on her. It means I don’t want to acknowledge her…or do I? Lydia keeps pushing and I’m starting to think maybe I should meet with Vicki?”

She adds, “I tried to explain to Peggy who only knows Vicki’s side that you don’t attack someone’s marriage. Vicki has been spreading this gay rumor around about Eddie for a long time. It’s not just that she “repeated a rumor to Kelly” she’s been blabbing her mouth for a while. It all started after I told her I didn’t think Brooks was a good guy. Hmmm is there a connection?”

She summarizes Vicki‘s terrible behavior, “I’ve always known Vicki wasn’t a good friend, she was a fun friend. Vicki has attacked nearly everyone’s marriage. She gave Meghan a few years before she would be divorced, accused David of horrific behavior toward Shannon, and has spread rumors that Eddie is gay. The best part is she always says she has “proof” but never shows it. It doesn’t take a degree in psychology to know what she’s doing. She wants our husbands to look bad! Because we told her Brooks wasn’t a good guy. It’s so transparent and juvenile.”

Tamra is honest about her irritation at Peggy, “I’ve never talked to Peggy about my friendship with Vicki so when she told me, “it’s not worth it, you’re dwelling on it,” it pissed me off.” She continues, “It sounds like Vicki has been in her ear talking crap. For Peggy to say she wants to have compassion for me but I need to move on is a joke. I have moved on and the only reason we are talking about Vicki is because Lydia brought it up and now Peggy is giving her two cents. I finally stopped trying to reason with Peggy and asked her, “what do you want me to do?” her response, “do what you want to do”…LOL, poking my eyes out right now.”

In all of the chaos and turmoil, Tamra is thankful for Shannon’s friendship. “It’s a blessing to have a friend like Shannon. She’s a loyal friend that has my back and would never do anything to hurt me. I feel very blessed.”


THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY — “Un-Noble Women” Episode 1207 — Pictured: (l-r) Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador — (Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo)


Top Photo Credit: Bravo TV

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