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Shannon Beador Thinks Lying Is “Second Nature” To Vicki Gunvalson; Upset Lydia McLaughlin Calls Her Crazy

I’m pretty sure that Shannon Beador has said that she’s “done” with Vicki Gunvalson and wants nothing to do with her at least once during every Real Housewives of Orange County episode this season. On one hand, that’s completely understandable given all the shit that’s gone down between them. On the other hand, she could leave the show if she really wants to avoid Vicki.

Fortunately for Shannon, this last episode was way better for her than the first few from this season. Throwing a plate full of food at a restaurant and getting into a screaming match at a toddler’s birthday party were not the best looks for her, so I don’t blame her for chilling out a little bit after all that went down.

Shannon shared her view on the episode in her Bravo blog. She wrote, “There is a lot going on this episode that I am seeing for the first time. Vicki’s comments about me? She lies so much it’s just become second nature to her.”

What did Vicki say this episode that was so offensive? Maybe I missed it (since this season is a total snooze fest so far and I was probably zoned out), but the only thing that stands out to me is Vicki dismissing Shannon’s (ridiculous) claim that she’s responsible for her weight gain.

Shannon also shared her thoughts on Tamra Judge’s tough relationship with her mom from the last episode: “It is so heartbreaking to hear the conversation between Tamra and her mother. Tamra’s entire family has endured so much suffering. I just can’t comprehend how they handle the incredible pain. I have nothing but utter admiration for my good friend’s strength and faith that everything will work out someday.”

Shannon pointed out, “One thing I’ve learned this season…if I ever order a drink or take a bite of food, you’re going to see it! Joy.” Yep. Ever since her weight gain became central to her story line, the cameramen have been super shady zooming in every single time Shannon takes a bite of food.

Shannon continued to rant about Vicki wrote, “I want to be clear. I have no intent of trying to intimidate Vicki. The idea is ridiculous. I just want nothing to do with her and it’s clear from this episode that she wants the same. Finally we are on the same page.”

Then why are they both on this show? They’re going to have to talk eventually. Aren’t they contractually obligated to interact?

Shannon discussed Lydia McLaughlin’s awkward party for her magazine: “And then we move on to me looking obsessed with food. Lydia didn’t have to worry about me throwing a plate because if she did provide food, I certainly didn’t see it. Diko [Sulahian] actually ordered food for all of us because we were hungry.”

Was there really no food at this party? If that’s the case, then it would be the ultimate travesty from the episode.

Shannon laid into Lydia: “Glad that I came to help support a woman that thinks it’s ok to continually call me crazy without even getting to know me. Talking unkindly behind my back has become fairly routine for some of these women, but you always know where you stand with me.”

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