Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi’s Sister Accused Her Of Hitting Her Kids; Is Still In Touch With Jessica Parido



Love her or hate her, everyone who watches Shahs of Sunset has to admit that Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi always brings the drama. She has beefed with every single cast member, and she’s even had drama with her own sister Leila Gharache in front of the cameras even though Leila’s never been a cast member.

On the total opposite end of the spectrum is Asa Soltan Rahmati, who has also been an original cast member the whole time, but has revealed next to no personal information about her life – something the cast members are finally starting to take issue with this season.

GG spilled a lot of tea in an interview for for the Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald podcast. And of course she had some sister drama to discuss. Even though GG’s sister Leila did not actually appear on the last Shahs of Sunset season, she sure has hell tried. GG shared, “She decided to jump in and go to Reza’s [Farahan] birthday party when she knows that’s my biggest enemy.”

GG also made it clear that she and Reza are good now.

GG revealed, “She decides to make up this lie that I was hitting her children. Now I had already been informed of this because my niece told her dad and her dad called me and said, ‘Why is my daughter crying and saying that mommy is forcing me to say that GG hit me?'” GG continued, “I simply called my lawyer. We were waiting to see if that was going to air. We had talks with Bravo hoping that it wouldn’t.” This did not ever air, but GG explained, “She said it specifically on camera.”

I have no idea why Leila would do this or why GG would come forward about it now, but it really is an awful situation no matter how you slice it.

In lighter news, GG says Mercedes “MJ” Javid “got her ass done a couple years ago,” but, “she’s saying she gained weight.” Then it got a little weird when GG shared, “I have pictures of her bare ass before and her ass after. So she’s had her ass done.” Why would GG have those pictures? But whatever, MJ is so upfront about so much that it’s really not a huge deal if she keeps one or two things private. At least she’s not completely hiding her life while profiting off of a reality TV show. The only one getting away with that is Asa.

GG said, “[Asa] complains even if she’s not pregnant. That’s just Asa. We love her for it, but she will complain about anything. Asa doesn’t share anything about anything unless it’s about a business that she wants to sell and all of us are at a level of being frustrated.” It’s a little absurd that they have to air out all of their dirty laundry and Asa just gets to sell caftans.

Although the concern about Asa not pulling her weight on this show is very much valid, GG also explained, “MJ is just more out about it because she’s also in bad place in her life so she’s just focusing on something that she can turn into something else. She’s just putting focus on that because she doesn’t want anyone to pay attention to what’s going on in her life.”

Heather asked GG about Asa’s infamous diamond water and whether or not it was still around. GG said, “It never really was that much around. No one is going to pay ten dollars for a bottle of water just because the cap of it – that falls off – is in the shape of a diamond.” It is shocking that super practical idea didn’t take off.

GG revealed, “I said something at the reunion that did not air. I asked if I could see a certificate that it’s not a blood diamond that she’s blessing her water tank with.” It’s hard to even believe that this water ever existed. It never even dawned on me that there would be blood diamonds involved in the process.

GG also discussed the elephant in the room – her quickie marriage that the viewers will get to see play out this season. GG admitted, “He was using me to get married. He wanted a green card.” She added, “He claimed he didn’t care about the fame or being on TV, but every time I was filming he made sure to have a brand new outfit, made sure his cars were all washed to be on camera.” Shocking.

When asked about Mike Shouhed’s ex wife Jessica Parido, GG confessed she’s still in contact with her. “I was actually just talking to her an hour ago. I love her. She’s doing great.” This seems so random since Jessica and GG were not exactly best friends in past seasons, but these reality friendships and frienemy situations are constantly fluctuating.

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