Javi Marroquin Thought Marriage Boot Camp Would Save His Marriage To Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry officially called it quits with Javi Marroquin by allegedly cheating on him while he was deployed. After their breakup, the exes paid a visit to Marriage Boot Camp, where Javi hoped to save their marriage and work through infidelity, but Kail, well, she had different plans (like a baby in the belly!).

On the Friday premiere, Kail revealed that she did not consider it cheating when she started seeing Chris Lopez, because she and Javi were already separated. Kail also claimed Javi lied that he had filed for divorce. Javi denies this. “I did, in my heart, kind of hope this bootcamp would make her fall in love with me,” the Teen Mom 2 dad confessed. “So I still held on.”  

Kailyn admitted to having totally different intentions when going on Marriage Boot Camp, and believed Javi shared her same outlook. “I thought we were going in, literally, to make co-parenting work,” she told Us Weekly.

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Even though Bootcamp didn’t fix his marriage, Javi is glad he participated with Kail because it gave them a friendship. “Once you get home, you reflect on all the drills and what they taught us and I’m so happy. Our relationship is great. Right now we are co-parenting really well. As far as the (future) goes I can’t predict it, so who knows.”

Javi even re-shared a photo of him kissing Kail at the Boot Camp premiere party. “Despite everything that happened between us, I’m happy we are at a place where we can go to events, have a good time, and be civil. We’re doing a pretty good job raising these kids @kaillowry #oneteam,” he captioned it. LOVE this attitude. Go Javi!

Javi also thinks the show will make him better in future relationships. “A lot of the drills were communication, so we learned how to talk to each other instead of at each other!” he explained. Why do I feel like Kail learned nothing at all?


[Photo Credit: WeTV]