Meghan Edmonds Says Peggy Sulahian Needs To Stop With The Cancer Card

Meghan Edmonds was simply trying to bring a little enlightenment to her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars when she invited them to dinner with Mystic Michaela, but she admits that they weren’t ready for it! Meghan explains her motives for the disastrous dinner and weighs in on the mess between Peggy Sulahian and Shannon Beador.

Meghan starts off explaining why she thinks that these women were so afraid of Mystic Michaela, “I think people are sometimes afraid of psychics either one: because of what they’re hiding or two: because of what they already know to be the truth. But Mystic Michaela provides so much insight into your life so I thought it would be nice to be able to provide that sort of insight to my friends.”

Meghan is apologetic to Michaela over the way that Peggy behaved. “It was so upsetting that Peggy was my first friend to arrive and she was immediately off-putting to Mystic Michaela. If she didn’t want to read by her, that’s perfectly fine, but I was so disappointed with how rude she came off. Sure, stick to your beliefs, but she is still a person, a guest in my home and my friend. It was the perfect example of how ignorance and fear breeds stereotypes.”

She not only blasts Peggy for her tacky manners, but also for her ill-timed attack on Shannon Beador. Meghan thinks Peggy needs to drop the “cancer card”. Yikes!  She writes,”Not only was Peggy rude to my friend, but wow, what a time to bring up the David/Diko conversation to Shannon! Horrible timing. Not to mention, I thought this was already hashed out? I don’t understand why Peggy can’t communicate effectively – she just plays dumb and it’s so transparent. How inappropriate for Peggy to ask Shannon if she trusts her husband. Then when Shannon says, “don’t go there,” Peggy’s response is, “I don’t know anything.” What?! She implicated herself right there. Shannon is so emotive and wears her heart on her sleeve, so what did Peggy think her reaction would be? Peggy needs to learn better timing and really needs to stop with the cancer card. She gets mad when anyone talks about her health, but she keeps bringing it up. Don’t bring it up if you don’t want to talk about it.”

Meghan did appreciate the way that Tamra and Shannon were respectful to Michaela and has a theory on Vicki Gunvalson‘s reaction to the dinner invite, “I loved how Tamra and Shannon were so accepting and open-minded with Mystic Michaela, regardless of their strong Christian beliefs. Kind of funny how Vicki is afraid of a psychic, yet I’ve watched her have multiple psychics on TV…guess she has something to hide?”

You can read Meghan’s full blog here.


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