Luann de Lesseps Tells Jenny McCarthy Tom D’Agostino Was Never Ready For Marriage; Will Never Go Back To Regency!

It’s been quite a year for Luann de Lesseps, who will always and forever be a Countess in my book. The Real Housewives Of New York star sat down with Jenny McCarthy last week on SiriusXM Stars’ Jenny McCarthy Show to talk about how she’s doing in the wake of her divorce from Tom D’Agostino, which of her RHONY cast mates have (and have not) supported her during the breakup, and how Bethenny Frankel didn’t return her calls for helping with hurricane relief! Oh my.

Still the romantic at heart, Luann claims she still believes that Tom never cheated on her, but that he simply wasn’t willing to give up his “bachelor lifestyle.” Tom – who was caught on camera dissing his marriage, acting sketchy around ex-girlfriends, and even taking off his microphone to talk “off the record” at one point – didn’t do himself any favors on the show. Luann even admits that watching RHONY play back this season really opened her eyes to who Tom really was (and is).

After the couple announced their split earlier this year, Luann says most of her cast mates reached out to support her – all but one, that is. “They all reached out to me except for Carole [Radziwill], which I find odd,” Luann told Jenny. “You know – what’s up with that? Last I knew, we were cool! A text would have been nice.”

Since filming, Luann hasn’t spoken to Carole, who she assumes is “busy running marathons.” But Luann has also been busy, herself. She got on a plane to Switzerland immediately following her divorce announcement on Twitter, an escape plan she doesn’t regret in the slightest. There, she caught up with old friends and tried not to think about the virtual sh*tstorm going on back home.

“I was so glad I decided to skip town and get out of the country,” admits Luann, who says paparazzi were camped at her Hamptons house as soon as the news broke. “But that’s not what Tom did,” she laughs. Tom, as many know, has been in the press regularly cavorting with a series of UES women – both high and low profile – since day one of his separation from Luann.

Although Luann is not happy with how much public dating Tom has done since they’ve parted ways, she frankly isn’t all that surprised at his behavior. “We’re divorced now – already – and I think he can date whoever he wants. I just wish he would not have gone out with chicks before the ink was dry on our divorce papers! It was like, he stepped out the night of,” she says.

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Meanwhile, Luann has tried to focus her energy on laying low in her personal life, and seeking out opportunities to help out the victims of recent natural disasters – in particular, the hurricanes that have devastated parts of the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Praising Bethenny’s efforts in organizing large-scale disaster relief through B Strong, Luann says she reached out to her RHONY costar to see if her nursing skills could be put to good use. However, she never heard back. She told Jenny, “I reached out to Bethenny and said you know, I’m a nurse and I would love to come down and help you. I wanted to go with the Red Cross, but the Red Cross couldn’t figure out how to get me out of there. So, I offered her my help, but I didn’t get a response.”

Now that Luann is officially back in NYC and the Hamptons, she plans on getting back to her true self – and staying the hell away from the Regency! She jokes, “Don’t look for me at the Regency.” (But please do look for Tom, people! And don’t forget to tweet that sh*t out when you see his sorry behind sitting at the bar, groping his next victim!!!)

Ultimately, trying to leave Tom in the past is what the new season of RHONY will be all about for Luann. So, look out, folks: Single Lu is coming BACK! And I, for one, am here all day and night for it.


Photo Credit: The Jenny McCarthy Show