YES! Only one more sleep until The Real Housewives Of New Jersey are back and ready to brawl on Bravo. Melissa Gorga, Danielle Staub, and newcomer Margaret Josephs stopped by The Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriuxXM Stars this week to dish on the season to come – and to throw some serous shade at Siggy Flicker. Melissa also revealed that we’ll be seeing a more “real” Teresa Giudice this year as she navigates home life without Joe Giudice, and finally admits how pissed off she really is at him. Hint: It ain’t looking good for these two felons lovebirds.

Melissa, Danielle, and Margaret may not agree on everything this season – except that they think Siggy is kind of a mess. Margaret shares, “I don’t think we have a villain, but we have the insane. I don’t like to throw shade, but I do have to say that Siggy acts a little crazy – over the top. You know, she walks in a restaurant screaming, she cries very easily, her emotions run high. So that doesn’t really gel with me. I’m a little sarcastic, call it like it is, don’t cry at the drop of a hat.”

Margaret also resents Siggy’s desire to “fix” everyone on the show. She snarks, “If she can’t run her own relationships, I don’t know how she’s going to fix anyone else.” Danielle and Melissa agree. Given Siggy’s lighthearted dissing of Danielle in the press recently, it’s no surprise that she may also be in Danielle’s crosshairs. Danielle does not take even the mildest criticism well, lest we forget!

Once the most hated Housewife (ever?), Danielle knows what it’s like to have zero allies. That’s why she made sure to get some soldiers on her side before coming back to RHONJ. She tells Jenny that in seasons one and two she had no one but “had formed allies prior to this return. You gotta keep it tight and right, as Melissa Gorga would say.” Danielle’s main ally, of course, is rumored to be none other than her former table-flipping enemy, Teresa.

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New alliances and enemies-turned-friends are not new themes for Teresa, who also remains close to former nemesis, Melissa. In fact, Melissa says her relationship with her sister in law is better this year than it’s ever been before. She chalks this up to prison (and yoga!) changing Teresa for the better. “We’ve just been through craziness, and it’s very genuine. We are a true family now. We’re at the point where we can tease each other, we can actually have an argument and be fine within the next couple hours – which is where we should be. That’s what sisters in law are. It should be like a sister relationship.”


However, Teresa is not in the best place with her own husband, Joe, who is currently serving out his prison sentence in New Jersey’s Fort Dix Correctional Institution. Melissa reveals to Jenny that Teresa “says a lot this season that you guys are going to be in shock over. Normally, there’s a wall up. She doesn’t talk a lot about how she feels. She pretends that everything is fine at all times. And I think she finally stopped doing that [this season]. She’s starting to express how she feels, and she’s showing that there is resentment inside of her – and she’s pissed. She’s admitting it for the first time, and I think it’s awesome.”

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“I don’t think they’re getting a divorce or anything like that,” continues Melissa, “but she’s standing on her own and providing for her family, just doing what she has to do.” Surviving without her husband (and his problematic drinking) seems to have put things into a different perspective for Teresa, who has always been vehemently ride-or-die for Juicy Joe in the past.

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey season eight premiere is tomorrow night at 9/8 central on Bravo. With all of the tea this cast has been spilling before the first episode even airs, the season itself looks to be piping hot!


Photo Credit: The Jenny McCarthy Show