Luann de Lesseps Has Run Into Tom D’Agostino Since The Split – Will He Appear On Next Season Of RHONY?

Considering that Tom D’Agostino has dated half of  New York City the Real Housewives of New York cast, it’s not at all surprising that Luann de Lesseps has seen him since the divorce. As abnormal as that sounds to us civilians, it’s just par for the course in this social circle.

The real question now is: Will Tom appear on the next season of Real Housewives of New York? Unfortunately that is not something that has been addressed yet and I don’t even know if they started shooting the next season, but I really do hope that Tom makes a cameo appearance- or at least becomes the topic of conversation… many times over.

Luann discussed her post-divorce life in an interview with Wendy Williams. She told Wendy, “You fall hard quick, and I’m a very strong person, as a lot of you know, I’m pretty resilient, and so I thought I could handle it until the point where I couldn’t handle it anymore.”

Everyone watching the show was in shock when Lu’s relationship with Tom got so serious so quickly, but it was just normal to her and she explained, “we e got engaged after three months and then we got married a year after, so I thought, plenty of time, because I got married two weeks after I met my first husband and it lasted 17 years, so I thought, ‘you know, this is how it works.’

Luann also said, “when you love somebody, you have your blinders on.” You figured that being on reality TV show with millions of critics would help raise her awareness, but unfortunately that is not what happened.

The former countess stated the obvious, “He just couldn’t give up his bachelor kind of lifestyle. And that didn’t work for me.” When asked about the “last straw,” Luann cited a combination of shady behaviors: “just between the women, the press, him going out, me getting phone calls, pictures of him at the same bars where he frequents all the time, which I asked him not to go to.” That doesn’t sound like a man who was ready to married to me.

Even the most oblivious optimistic person on the planet had to admit, “It just kept happening and I got to a certain point where I got totally fed up. I couldn’t do it anymore — I just couldn’t do it anymore.”

But he’s not completely out of her life. Lu told Wendy that she saw Tom at a party and “We said hello. It’s amicable.” Of course she did. They clearly have a lot of people in common so this is bound to happen again. And again. And again.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]