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This Real Housewives of Orange County season got blown out of the water by the Dallas Housewives which airs right after it on Monday nights. At this point, no one would be shocked if Bravo switched things up and Dallas was the lead-in show for Orange County instead. That’s how abysmal and boring this season is. Even so, the drama picked up in Iceland.

Plus Vicki Gunvalson was actually getting along with Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador (for the most part) on the trip. Pigs must have been flying in Iceland. No one saw this one coming. Plus it gave all of us hope for the rest of this season and even next season. Don’t hold on to that thought though. Tamra is very adamant that the peace we witnessed in Iceland remained in Iceland.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tamra explained her mindset going into the cast trip, “Shannon and I talked prior and I said, ‘Listen, I can’t carry this hostility and this anger,’ especially after I met with Vicki and that didn’t go well. After that, I sort of knew where my place was. We will never be friends, but, you know what? Maybe we can go out, go to Iceland, have fun, not get too deep about our friendship. That’s it. And that’s what we decided to do.”

Where was this epiphany earlier in the season? We had to suffer watching seven different story lines with people who are (for the most part) not even friends and now Tamra realizes that she can just be cordial and turn up on a trip Bravo paid for. Really? We could have used this mentality WAY earlier in the season.

Tamra shared, “I’m not saying I don’t care about [Vicki], ‘cause I did care about her, but when you get hurt so bad, it’s just, like, whatever.” We get it. Still, Tamra continued, “We go from me and Vicki not even speaking, then going to Iceland and kind of speaking, and then we go to the season finale and not speaking again.”

Can this show ever be resurrected? This does not sound at all promising. I just picture Tamra and Shannon refusing to speak to Vicki during the reunion episodes. Or maybe we will be blessed with just a singular reunion episode instead of suffering even more than we already have. Obviously (and unfortunately) simply not watching the show isn’t an option. A Housewives loyalist is a Housewives loyalist. No matter how bad this show might get, the longtime fans will still tune in.

Tamra said, “I feel like this season has been disgusting in a way. Pretty disgusting.” Well, I feel like this season has been boring in away. Pretty boring.

Then, Tamra said something pretty shocking, “Honestly, my friendship with Shannon was never like it was with Vicki. We were never that close. We had fun on the show, we would talk occasionally off the show, not a whole lot. But Shannon and I, we talk a hundred times a day. Like, I know her every move. And if we’re not talking, she’s texting.”

It’s valid and believable that Shannon and Tamra have become close, but Vicki was a bridesmaid in Tamra’s wedding. It’s tough to believe that Tamra didn’t consider her to be a close friend. Come on. Is she rewriting history with this statement or is it the truth?

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