Lydia in Iceland

Did Peggy Sulahian save this Real Housewives of Orange County season by offending everyone (the cast members and the viewers) at the end of the Iceland trip? For the most part the fans can agree on two things: this season has been disappointing and Peggy needs to go. Nevertheless, she did make that last episode pretty exciting- even though she crossed boundaries more than once.

She said that Shannon Beador’s husband isn’t loyal to her and she called out Meghan Edmonds’ mothering abilities when she talked about her baby crying. She even made Lydia McLaughlin late for a dinner that she planned and intended to host. Peggy offended everyone and she was the one who left the trip.

Lydia discussed the last episode in her Bravo blog post. And shockingly enough she just skipped over the parts of the episode where her “friend” Peggy majorly insulted Shannon and Meghan.

Lydia wrote, “Once we got back to the hotel, Peggy told me that she would meet me in my room to talk. I knew there was the big Viking dinner planned for our last night that I was super excited for. When Peggy showed up to my room in her pajamas moments before we all were supposed to be in the lobby, I was torn. I wanted to be there for my friend, but I also was the host and wanted to experience this amazing night with all my friends.” Poor Lydia, there was no one to stir the pot with if she was stuck with Peggy in the hotel room. Thankfully she got a chance to go to the dinner that she planned and Peggy did all the shit stirring for her.

Lydia said, “When Peggy expressed her feelings and told me everything that happened, I just felt bad for her. However, when she busted out the video tape, I wasn’t happy. I didn’t think that was a good call, and I didn’t need to see a video to prove her feelings were hurt. I knew all the videotape would do would cause more drama.” Plus the video proves nothing. It’s just a video of women laughing. There was no mention of Peggy specifically or any indication that they were laughing at Peggy. It was a completely useless piece of “evidence.”

She continued, “Peggy watching it over and over just continues to hurt her, and the girls would be upset because they were videotaped! I just want everyone to get along, and I was glad Peggy finally decided to come to the dinner. She is a strong woman.” Is she though? Or is she just contractually obligated to attend?

Lydia admitted, “I thought it was big of Kelly [Dodd] to apologize right when Peggy walked in. However, Peggy wasn’t ready to forgive and forget, and that didn’t go over well. She ended up leaving that night and I gave her a hug as she left the hotel.” Seriously, Lydia? This was a pity post dedicated to Peggy with zero acknowledgement of the remarks that she made about Shannon’s marriage and Meghan’s mothering.

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