Shannon Beador opens up about her divorce

Shannon Beador Seeks Primary Custody In Divorce From David Beador; Her Outrageous Spending Revealed

Shannon Beador has finally filed for divorce from the cretin with creepy eyes known as David Beador. David was a lyin’, cheatin’ chip eatin’ kinda jerk, but at least he was a rich one!

New docs reveal that Shannon seeks primary physical custody of her three daughters, and also that her monthly expenses outweigh my yearly income. Somebody’s gonna have to slow her holistic spending roll!

The Real Housewives Of Orange County star seeks to nullify 17 years of marriage based on “irreconcilable differences” when she filed for divorce this week. Shannon is asking David for spousal support, and clearly based upon court documents of her spending she’s gonna need it!

Shannon’s only employment, to date, is RHOC, which earned her about $22,000 per month for 2016 which is A TON, but not compared with $55,355 she spends monthly. Yes, that’s FIFTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH.

Oh what, you ask? Well according to The Blast’s court docs, Shannon’s necessary monthly expenses included:

  • Rent – $12,000
  • Entertainment (including gifts and vacations) – $10,000. Dang, I need to be inviting Shannon to my birthday!
  • Charitable Donations (aka buying tables at fancy parties) – $9,000
  • Clothing, Laundry, and Cleaning Fees – $2,500. Um… get a washing toxin-free machine?
  • Childcare – $3,225. It’s all paid to some woman named “Maggie,” whom I presume is Shannon’s nanny. I thought Archie watched the kids?! I believe their daughters also attend private school.
  • In their 2016 return Shannon and David also itemized $17,274 for something called “filming preparation“. Was that The AFFAIR counselor? I kid.

As for earnings, David reported earning $179,432 PER MONTH before taxes. By comparison Shannon claims she only has about $13,400 in various accounts. But here’s the rub, she claims she has that much only in the “accounts to which I have access.” That must mean Shannon has a hefty investment portfolio and an IRA of some sort. Shannon also reported that she earned more in 2017.

David better get that check book lubed up instead of his summthin-summthin cause Shannon is seeking primary physical custody with David getting visitation. They would share joint legal custody.

Maybe Shannon does need that job at Coto Insurance after all?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]