Shannon Beador Accuses Meghan Edmonds Of Lying! Plus, What Real Housewives Of Orange County Didn’t Show You About Their Fight!

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Meghan Edmonds is making a few rookie Real Housewives mistakes. Too bad one of her fellow Real Housewives Of Orange County stars isn’t feeling more charitable, otherwise maybe they would help a girl out!

Meghan snubbed Shannon Beador by not inviting her to her charity cocktail party, even though Shannon assumed she was invited. Meghan was puzzled as to where Shannon would get the impression she was welcome in their home, but Shannon retaliated on by calling Meghan out saying she got an email formally inviting her to the party. So there! 

Meghan quickly shot back accusing Shannon of lying, but Meghan was then schooled by her veteran Housewives on how the whole filming process works. Silly wabbit – twitter tricks are for kids, let the big girls show you how it’s done! 


Shannon also shared more information about some of the things Meghan said during their Napa fight that led to her freaking out and storming off the way she did! 

Shannon Beador slams Meghan Edmonds on Instagram[Photo Credit: Instagram]

“What you missed in tonight’s episode in the exchange between Meghan and I. She said, ‘You think you’re famous? You’re not that famous. My husband is famous.’ We all got a big laugh out of that. Tamra had this shirt made and gave it to me after Napa at the dinner I had with she and Vicki.” Shannon shared on instagram, with above photo.

Meghan lied about how she got my number. And to her that’s ok. I’m supposed to return a text to someone who has deliberately lied. #ambush,” Shannon continued on twitter. “No, I’m not a big ‘to do’. I am on a reality show. if someone plans to give out my number, they ask ahead of time or give me a heads up. The phone call is not the blow up. The manipulation is…”

Shannon also revealed that she and Meghan were on good terms the entire weekend and she DID help her with the charity event, which is why she was so shocked when Meghan confronted her at the Bello’s. 

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“Why would Meghan raise an issue in the Bello’s home when all are having a good time??? #storyline #potstirrer,” Shannon wondered. She also thanked her friends for their support. “So thankful for friends who know the WHOLE story and support me!@vgunvalson @TamraBarney @LizzieRovsek.” 

Moving on to the party snub, Shannon wants it known she didn’t just imagine that whole invitation to the JDRF – she got one! She saw it!

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 “Not from me,” Meghan responded. “I checked with JDRF the other day – they did not send a Save The Date to @ShannonBeador and neither did I”

Of course, the OG of The OC, Vicki Gunvalson quickly swooped in and set Miss 30-Year-Old straight

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Slinking away with her tail between her legs, Meghan quickly apologized for accusing Shannon of being a liar. “@vgunvalson @ShannonBeador Oh! Sorry ladies I didn’t know u meant production. In that case- Shannon got a save the date.sorry again.” Hmmm… that sounds fishy to me. Meghan wasn’t cc’d on the evite? Not sure I believe her on this one! “I’m def not a mean girl. I’m a lover,” Meghan insisted

Shannon advised Meghan to take her J-O-B more seriously. Maybe her assistant can do that? “@MeghanKEdmonds You are on a reality show now. We all received an email to save the date for your charity event. That’s how it works.”  Hey – look at Shannon, she’s helping! Who ever said she was “uncharitable!” Don’t you ever say Shannon doesn’t help those in need. So long as you tweet her, don’t call her. 

Meghan then decided to throw the mate to her soul under the bus, by accusing Jim of being the one who didn’t want Shannon’s crazy pants on the guest list! 

But Meghan and Shannon are all fine now! According to Meghan… 

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