Meghan Edmonds On The Cover Of Latina Magazine; Readers Offended That She Is Not Latina

When someone is on the cover of a magazine there is usually a buzz around the cover photo or the interview. When the latest Latina Magazine cover was released and Real Housewives of Orange County cast member Meghan Edmonds was on the cover, almost no one noticed what she was wearing and fewer people even read the interview.

Instead people took issue with her presence on the cover since she is not Latina. There were plenty of comments all over social media with complaint after complaint after complaint.

Meghan shared the photo with her fans and wrote, “I’m so proud and honored to be on the cover of @latinamagazine1 and represent @glamarella_jewelry! I loved doing this shoot right after I found out I was pregnant! No, I’m not Latina but I was asked to be on the cover and talk about my life and #RHOC in the cover story so I guess I’m blessed to be an honorary Latina this month!  (By the way, big shout out to my husband for my engagement ring that got a front and center shot!).”

Latina Magazine also posted the cover photo on its account- a couple of times. All of the posts got plenty of attention and not in a good way. One Instagram user commented, “Makes zero sense.” Another posted, “More than 500,000 women of Hispanic decent living in Orange County and not ONE was available? That’s too bad…”

One reader complained, “She’s not even latina!! I’m sure u could have found a Latina… to represent our cultura… ashamed of @latinamagazine1”  Another person wrote, “Really ???? I could think of so many latinas that could’ve been on the cover of this that actually deserve it. Way to support the Latin community. I swear minorities can’t have ANYTHING.” An Instagram user wondered, “What’s the point of having a “Latina” magazine if you’re giving the platform to white women who have other bigger spaces?”

There were plenty of similar comments on all three posts. Even so, they weren’t all negative. One fan wrote, “get over it, be mad at the magazine, not her. I’m insulted by your post.” Another said, “Wow people are hateful! Beautiful cover! My parents raised us, ‘If you can’t say something nice, then keep your mouth shut.'”

Clearly Meghan’s presence stirred up a lot of feelings. Aside from her caption addressing the fact that she is not Latina, Meghan has not commented on the backlash.

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[Photo Credit: Instagram]

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