Tom D'Agostino and Luann de Lesseps

Tom D’Agostino pretty much ruined Luann de Lesseps‘ life (and dignity), so after all that, he feels “really sad” that she was arrested last week. Well, kinda.

When Tom learned that his ex was arrested in Palm Beach after a tryst gone very awry, he reportedly told friends that he was feeling “shocked” and “really sad for Luann and her family that they had to go through this over the holidays.” 

In a statement, the Real Housewives Of New York star kinda blamed Tom and her return to Palm Beach, where they met and fell in love, as the trigger for her drunken debauchery that led to allegedly assaulting a police officer and being charged with battery among other things. Luann had reportedly – masochistically – not just returned to Palm Beach, but also the Colony Hotel, where she celebrated her New Year’s wedding brunch less than a year before.

According to People, Tom has NO idea why Luann would even be back in Palm Beach and complains that she has “no ties” to the city now that they’ve split. Is he inferring that Lu returned to town to spy on him?

In other news, it’s been reported that Tom will be celebrating NYE, which also would’ve been his one-year-anniversary, with an “unwedding party.” A source categorically denies this to E! News and insists that Tom is actually having a birthday celebration with 75 of his closest lady friends, which has nothing to do with Luann – or any Bravo stars for that matter. So Tom’s very very close friend Sonja Morgan won’t be attending, eh?

An insider reveals that Tom learned of Luann’s arrest on the news and feels “terrible” about it. This second insider reiterates that Tom has no idea why Luann was in Palm Beach, but suggests, “She was due to be at a wedding in Chile for New Years. So it looks like she was getting to Chile by way of Florida.” Guess those wedding plans are also OFF, and perhaps Lu wasn’t stalking Tom after all.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]