The American Idol Revival Will Not “Exploit” Bad Auditions For Entertainment

When American Idol first started, people were enamored by the talent of the first winner Kelly Clarkson, but what really put the show on the map were the bad auditions and harsh criticisms. Original cast member Simon Cowell became a household name as a judge thanks to his comments about the “bad” performances.

Even though American Idol just had its series finale in 2016, there is a revival on the way which no one asked for. The show is on a different network and instead of judges that were on the previous seasons, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan are up for the task. Ryan Seacrest is back to host and the format of the show seems relatively the same, but this time there will be no bad auditions.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the show’s executive producer Trish Kinane said, “You might have noticed in the past few years, we haven’t really majored on people who are really bad.” I doubt that a lot of people noticed since the show wasn’t nearly as popular during it’s last few years, so this is news for most of us. Or at least it is to me.

She added, “It doesn’t feel comfortable to put borderline unstable people up and laugh at them.” That’s definitely a valid point. People who have personal problems don’t need those compounded in the national spotlight.

The executive producer did make it a point to emphasize that the show will still be fun elements to the show. She said, “But that’s not to say we don’t want humor in Idol.” She follow that up with,“Humor is a very important part of Idol, so if someone’s eccentric, slightly different or if they’ve got a different voice or if they do something we don’t normally hear, we’ll put that up, that’s fun. We want the humor but we don’t want the exploitation.”

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