Shannon Beador’s Ex David Beador Has A New Girlfriend & Will Not Be On Real Housewives Of Orange County Next Season

Considering that the demise of his marriage played out during the last few Real Housewives of Orange County seasons, it’s not too surprising that David Beador will not be on the show next season. The fans heard all about his affair, watched him renew his vows with Shannon Beador, and eat potato chips in front of her while she was on a diet before she confirmed the end of their marriage during the reunion taping.

It seems like a given that David would be off the show now that he and Shannon aren’t together, but thanks to Housewives ex-husbands like Peter Thomas and Frank Catania, who are very present on their exes’ shows, this is something that needs to be clarified. Even so, David did seem uncomfortable in front of the camera, so it isn’t at-all shocking that he’s done with the show. Plus he has a new girlfriend these days.

An article from RadarOnline confirms that David will not appear on Real Housewives of Orange County next season. In fact, “a source close to production” supposedly said,  “It is true Shannon wanted him off. She wants to just move on with her life.” I don’t blame her. Good riddance. Nevertheless, another “inside source” pointed out, “He doesn’t want to be on it, either!” Again, not surprising. At all.

Another person who (understandably) wants nothing to do with this show is David’s new lady Lesley Cook. On February 12, Lesley posted an Instagram rant directed at the RHOC fans: “This is not a forum to talk about RHOC. With all the hate in the world and violence… let’s inspire one another to live happy & healthy lives. We only get this one chance. Everyone deserve to be happy & find peace. All rude comments will be blocked.”

Lesley also shared a photo of her and David in a post on December 14. David has a private Instagram, but if you scroll through the comments on Lesley’s accounts, it is clear that they are in a relationship.

Lesley posted a photo of red balloons on Valentine’s Day, and David commented, “Happy Valentine’s Day!! And away we go. #notdiscreetanymore #happyvalentinesday” with a ton of emojis. Lesley responded with, “Happy Valentine’s Day to the most kind, funny, motivated, loving and [fire emoji] man! The sky is more blue and my coffee taste[s] better with you in my life.”

David will not appear on the season, but I am sure he will be talked about- at great length.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]