Love After Lockup Update From Mary And Dominic – Dom’s Launched His Own Business And Gets Out of Halfway House In March!

It has only been three days since the finale of our new favorite reality show, WeTV’s Love After Lockup, but we’re already getting some snippets and updates trickling in about what the cast is up to since filming ended. Mary took to Instagram to share what she and Dominic have been up to since their awkward non-wedding on the boat. Mary says they’re happily married, despite Dominic still living in a half-way house.

Mary shares, “First off, I would like to thank everyone who watched Love After Lockup! Without your support and love, the show wouldn’t have been as successful as it has been! A special shoutout and thanks to all the fans of our story! Your words of wisdom, love and hope are very much appreciated it!”

Mary posted, “I wanted to share with you all “where are we now”, not for me but for Dominic’s sake. Our love story is true, authentic and genuine! I am so proud of the man Dominic has become and the amount of success he has had transitioning back into society! Our story and Dominic’s story is a TRUE success story that I could not be prouder of!”

Mary revealed that Dominic not only got a job – he launched his very own business. “Since filming, Dominic has opened his own business! He is one of the hardest and most dedicated workers I have ever known in my life! He’s been extremely successful and lucky working full-time and becoming a contributing part of society! He has many dreams and goals for his career and our future! And I know he is determined to achieve them!”

She added that Dom‘s due to leave the half-way house in March! “Dom is currently still in the halfway house and is on restrictions. However, since he is on good behaviour, he should be getting released from the halfway house by March and will be able to officially live with me!”

Despite (or because of!) living apart, she shared that marriage is great. “We are still happily married and very much in love! We are working together on our careers and future goals as a couple! I am still working in real estate and plan to continue my career in Toronto!”

Best news of all: they are planning a big ass wedding that we can only hope will be filmed for the show. And that our Erin can score an invite for it! Mary shared, “We are still in the process of planning a large wedding in the soon to be near future that will include friends and family! We still want to have the wedding of our dreams and have a celebration of our new life moving forward! We look forward to the day we can share this with you!”

Mary and Dominic are the “perfect example of true love,” she insists. “We still have a lot of “firsts” as a couple and look forward to the adventure that is ahead of us in life! We have proven that this type of relationship and dating/marrying an inmate is possible! This life isn’t for the weak and is extremely hard but doable! And in the words of James, “love will conquer all”. You will not find a more perfect example of true love than in our story! We appreciate all your support and look forward to the exciting road ahead! Love, Mary and Dom.”


Photo Credit: Instagram