Tamra Judge & Vicki Gunvalson Show Off Their Revived Friendship With Matching Hats

In all honesty, Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge owe us (the loyal fans) big time after the worst Real Housewives of Orange County season we’ve ever been subjected to watching. Tamra refused to speak with Vicki for most of the season. Vicki refused to own up to spreading rumors about Tamra’s husband’s sexuality and inviting Tamra’s enemies to her on-camera birthday party. Of course, there are other cast members who didn’t pull their weight as well, but as the two people who have been on the show the longest, the fans were expecting more from Vicki and Tamra.

They gave us hope when they finally made up during the last Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, and it looks like that truce has turned into a genuine revival of their friendship.

Tamra and Vicki advertised their renewed friendship with some not-so-subtle social media posts. Vicki shared a photo wearing a baseball hat that says “Thelma.” She captioned the photo with “Where is Louise? #rhoc.” At first glance, I assumed this was in reference to her lack of friends in the cast, but then I saw Tamra’s Instagram post.

Tamra shared a photo wearing the same exact hat, except her hat said “Louise.” She even captioned her pic with “Who’s my Thelma? #rhoc.” Obviously she and Vicki are referring to each other with their captions and coordinating hats. I wonder what Shannon Beador feels about these two wearing BFF hats. If only there was a best friend movie trio that they could play homage to with some customized t-shirts from a stand in the mall.

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[Photo Credit: Instagram, Instagram]