Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Recap – It’s A Baby, Not A Toy

Please say ‘no’. It was a bit of a struggle to come up with a quote of the week on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. So I am going to reluctantly award it to Kyler again (he and Ashley are really stepping it up) with his “Please say no” comment when discussing homecoming. I feel this is generally appropriate since they all should have said ‘no’ without proper birth control.

Round 1

Ashley: Ashley and Bar are recovering from the baby shower aftermath. This is such a trainwreck and yet the way they speak to each other after these fights makes it seem like they do actually care about each other. Shen might not want to hedge her bets on trumping Ashley once that baby gets here. Also, please don’t let us down Bar – you seem attentive and caring, please don’t let us down.

Kayla: Kayla goes bowling with friends. They make sure to give her advice on dealing with Stephan.

Brianna: Whoa, hold the phone. Brianna should be getting ready for a baby since they can come early. And yes, babies are expensive so she should be prepared. But to pressure Danae? He has said he wants to be there for the baby but to nag him as if he were responsible for getting her pregnant just doesn’t seem fair to me. Also, if your 17 year old is procrastinating doesn’t mom need to step up and give some direction and make sure the necessary prep happens?

Lexi: Lexi, Lexi, Lexi, you never read comments on the internet. Never. Also, Kyler, ask your girlfriend to homecoming and paint a smile on your face. You will both appreciate the picture someday.

Jade: To each their own on the doctor appointment thing, but I did all but two doctor appointments without my husband because of work schedules. Now that said, I think I would be far more concerned about this had I been a decade younger like Jade is.  I just wish I could tell her that part is no big deal so focus on the video games and making sure he is there to support you when the baby comes!

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Recap – It’s A Baby, Not A Toy

Round 2

Ashley:  Bar talking to his mom about her behavior is spot on. I have high hopes for this one. If he can stand up to his mom he can step up for his child (right?!).

Kayla: Kayla and Stephan go to the arcade and she attempts to lay down some guidelines for their relationship. It is an admirable goal for them to try to be civilized for the baby and to help make memories with both of them. It was also strangely nice to hear him say he has love for her as well. Here’s hoping they can channel some of this love into truly caring for each other and not just sleeping together.

Lexi: Lexi and her mom go dress shopping for homecoming. Listen here, if you sell dresses, then sell dresses and don’t judge the people who come into your store. It is not acceptable to have sales staff who are rude to anyone. Also, even if they don’t make homecoming dresses that are accommodating for baby bellies, they sure do make them work for bridesmaid dresses. What on earth was Lexi’s mom’s problem letting them be so judgmental and bossy with her daughter?! And if this was a production thing, then shame on them because this girl needs a self-confidence boost.

Brianna: Brianna and Danae discuss whether to have Danae move in. It does seem the dynamic with Brianna’s mom adds some stress to their relationship. Moving in together does not seem like it will do much but encourage more fighting. That said, the end moment of a hug between them shows some of the sweetness we’ve been missing in this relationship.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Recap – It’s A Baby, Not A Toy

Round 3

Lexi: Lexi is having a date night with Kyler (in a dress that could easily have been worn to homecoming). She and Kyler sit down and the topic of their relationship comes up. Kyler declares them ‘friends’ like everyone else at high school and ignores Lexi when she asks if ‘friends have babies together’.

Jade: Jade goes out with her friends. They make sure to point out that she doesn’t work anymore and pick at the scab that Sean is home and enjoys playing video games.

Ashley:  Endless Summer Sweets seems like a crazy place to eat and a pregnant person’s dream! Funnel cakes that you can get any time? Its fair food in a restaurant setting. Someone is a genius. Ashley and Bar also discuss his mom and how he plans to keep her in check. Ashley seems skeptical, and I’ve watched far too much Teen Mom(2) to assume she’s wrong. I think we all feel the next fight looming (as well as some foreshadowing, Shen is definitely going to try to be there for the birth.

Kayla: Kayla and her mom discuss the status of her relationship. No wonder why these girls can’t stop dwelling, everyone (and their moms) keep asking about where they stand with things.

Brianna: Danae and a friend discuss the baby and living situation. This reveals a few gems that are really the crux of the issue. Danae is afraid the baby won’t be as attached to him, which seems like a legitimate fear of any stepparent. His friend also points out that the baby is proof that Brianna broke the trust in their relationship. This just seems like a hard pill to swallow. A lot of the relationships on this season seem to be lacking trust because of cheating.

Jade: Jade and Sean fight over his playing video games on the weekend. I get Jade’s frustration. But I also get why he wants to relax his way. Hopefully they figure out a compromise, which seems totally possible (let him play and then go out to dinner?). Also, once that baby gets here no one is going to have tons of time to play games so enjoy your last few weeks of freedom!


Author: Jeannie

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