Teen Mom 2 Episode Recap: Bow Down

This week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, show down of the crazies. Amber Portwood (Teen Mom OG) and Jenelle Evans go head to head on social media. I know who has my bet, but who do you think will prevail? As one cast member prepares for battle, another has to decide how to win the war between her children and boyfriend.

Once again in another tantrum, Jenelle’s husband, David Eason prevents her from filming.  Of course, MTV decided not venture to North Carolina for fear of a security issue. Jenelle is forced to speak to the producer via video chat due to her crazy husband’s threats. She is now angry with Amber because of statements she made about her husband on social media. Well, Jenelle this may not be the battle you want. You have met your match with Amber. She may be the one person who has no problem putting you in your place by any means necessary, just ask Gary Shirley. Furthermore, given David’s penchant for angry outbursts, what is the point of constantly defending him?  You are not his PR agent and even if you were you are doing a horrible job.



I don’t know what prompted Amber to speak out, but she made posts advising Jenelle to leave David.  So far, I don’t see the lie. Jenelle in response creates a video throwing Amber’s children, her past convictions and anything she can think of, in her face. Pot meet kettle! Jenelle, we haven’t forgotten every mugshot, drug charge and allegation of child abuse that has plagued you over the years. Obviously, Jenelle didn’t realize she isn’t dealing with Kailyn Lowry and unleashes the beast that lies within Amber.  She goes ALL THE WAY OFF in her response to Jenelle and tells her to bow down among other things we can’t repeat here. These two women have more in common than they are willing to admit. I think Amber was trying to warn her because she has dealt with problematic man as well, i.e Matt Baier.

Nathan Griffith speaks to his girlfriend about Jenelle and why she constantly feels the need to defend her husband. He feels that her husband doesn’t help her image and doesn’t defend her so she doesn’t seem stable. Wow, this guy has grown up this is the most sense I have seen him make in seasons.



Chelsea Houska takes a family trip with a friend and her kids to Colorado. Upon arriving back home, Chelsea is shocked to find out they were robbed while on vacation. Cole DeBoer doesn’t want to move, but the women in the house are visibly shaken and don’t feel comfortable there anymore. Chelsea has been staying at her mom’s house while her husband is at work. I don’t blame her. I would be scared to be alone with two small children after having my privacy violated. Most of the things taken were Chelsea’s and another house in the area was targeted as well. Hopefully she will have her sense of peace restored soon, since they recently moved into that house.



Briana DeJesus is still happy with her long distance future baby daddy,  John Rodriguez. That is until she introduces him to her meddling mother and sister, Brittany DeJesus. I am not sure he truly knows what he is getting into with two nosy live in family members, two kids and two baby daddies. God speed John!

Briana talks to her mother about her boo coming to meet the family the next day. Her mom says she is grown and can make her own decisions but angrily warns her about what she isn’t going to tolerate. Geez, I understand her mom’s fears, her daughter clearly isn’t the best judge of character. But it may be time for this mother of two to cut the apron strings and actually learn life’s lessons on her own.

Briana introduces yet another man to her children. Honestly I think they are tired of having men come in and out of their lives as much as we are. He seems to interact well with the kids, but we will see how long this will last. Briana’s mother meets the new couple out for dinner so she can interrogate meet him. Once her mom asks John why he doesn’t have any kids and is he scared of child support, he awkwardly excuses himself to the bathroom. John, that question tells you everything you need to know about this family. The last I checked you are in your early twenties for heaven’s sake. Run, John, run!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Things have gotten more serious with Leah Messer and her boyfriend, Jason Jordan. Things may not be as happy as they seem because the appeal of having a man in the home may have worn off of her children. Leah questions the twins about not so nice comments her younger daughter claims they made about him. It is not clear if they truly said they wanted to poison him or not but where there is smoke there is fire. Someone in that house isn’t as enamored with him as much as Leah.

Leah confronts her daughter, Addie  in the car about her saying her sister’s wanted to poison Jason. The twins said she was lying, but it it’s apparent to me they said it. When Leah was prodding them to say that they liked him, the silence was deafening. I’m sure given they have fathers outside of the home, they may not like another man telling them what to do.

Leah and the kids are staying at Jason’s house and she has a discussion with him about what the girls said about him. She thinks they are having an issue adjusting because she is a pushover and he is more of a disciplinarian. He doesn’t seem pleased that children would dare challenge his authority. This is where things get tricky, the kids are not babies and Leah is not married to Jason. There needs to be a slow progression into their new normal and they need to grow to trust Jason and not just have him thrust upon them. I think the damage done to Leah’s home during the storm, forced the kids into a uncomfortable position prematurely.



Kailyn  is focusing her energy on helping with her sister’s baby shower rather than tormenting her children’s fathers this week. She talks to a friend and reveals that she and her sister don’t talk much outside of seeing each other in person. So…. Is this reconnection with the sister just for the show? I find it odd that they rarely talk outside of their visits that were filmed.

Kailyn and her friend have arrived to set up the baby shower. She will finally get the chance to meet her sister’s boyfriend. She wants to try and prepare her for potentially not getting the support she expected from the father. The day of the baby shower instead of helping her sister have a special day, she chooses to impart her negativity wisdom before it begins. Sigh! Kailyn, everyone is not against you. Hopefully your sister has a completely different experience than you. I would hate for there to be two women in the family who can’t stand the sight of their child’s father.



[Photo Credit: MTV]