Ashley Darby Says It Was “Grade A Shade” When Karen Huger Invited Gizelle Bryant’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Ex-Wife To Her Event

It looks like Karen Huger is doing whatever she can to deflect from her financial issues to make sure Real Housewives of Potomac gets a Season 4. During the last episode, Karen Huger invited Kyndall Douglas, Gizelle Bryant’s (very recent) ex-boyfriend Sherman Douglas’ ex-wife, to her event. Not only that, but Karen insisted that Kyndall attend and even told Kyndall that she didn’t have to pay for a ticket to get into the charity event. Karen really wanted this woman at her gala.

But why was Kyndall’s presence so important to Karen? If these two were super closer friends, why hasn’t Karen mentioned her name until this point? To shade Gizelle and make her uncomfortable. Obviously. Or at least that’s what Ashley Darby (and most of) the viewers think. This invite just reeked of shade.

Before addressing Kyndall’s attendance at Karen’s gala, Ashley discussed Monique Samuels and Robyn Dixon’s events  in a Bravo blog post.

Ashley shared, “There had been some correspondence between Monique and I where she asked me a few times about where I would be that Friday night. I told her I’d been previously invited to the gala, and felt more compelled attend the empowerment panel.”

Even though Ashley chose Robyn’s event over Monique’s, she did enjoy watching Monique’s event during the episode. Ashley wrote, “Monique looked beautiful in her silver gown and I’m glad she had a fun time, even asking Karen Huger the question on everyone’s mind.” Just as a reminder, Monique asked Karen why Karen’s guests should write checks to Karen’s company instead of directly to the Alzheimer’s charity. It was another valid question that Karen was unable to answer. Shocking. Very shady. Did she just want to secure the biggest tax write-off that she possibly could? Or was there something even shadier going on? There’s no doubt that this will be revisited on a later episode, but there is just too much Karen-induced shade to process to discuss this one right away.

Ashley admitted, “Interestingly, I had no idea what was going down in the Potomac streets! When I was going to meet Gizelle in the jewelry store to buy a gift for Robyn, I didn’t know she and Sherman had broken up. It felt unnecessary to tell her about a rumor from his past when the relationship had already come to a stop. It didn’t feel right to potentially introduce that worry into her mind, that Sherman could have a wandering eye.”

She continued, “I’m not really sure if there’d be a good time to talk about that. While I know Gizelle and Monique have their share of squabbles, I didn’t really want to incite more tension between them by bringing that rumor up.” Ashley skipping out on an opportunity to stir the pot? Now, that is truly a plot twist.

Ashley wrote, “The O Gala escalated in excitement that night, when I found out who Kyndall was! This woman was unbeknownst to me just a few days prior, then she came on full blast – first during my conversation with Monique, then in the flesh at the dinner.”

Ashley said what everyone has been thinking: “It was quite interesting timing that Karen invited her to an event with us for the first time that night, when I’ve known these ladies for a few years now. ”

She concluded, “Naturally, it’s grade A shade for Karen to have invited Kyndall knowing she is the ex-wife of Gizelle’s boyfriend. I think the ‘press’ conference left a bad taste in Karen’s mouth, and she took the most necessary action to get it out!”

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]