Dorinda Medley

Dorinda Medley had plenty to vent about after this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York. Dorinda addressed Bethenny Frankel‘s “mistruths” and weighed in on Luann de Lesseps‘ post-rehab situation. She also seemed to defend Ramona Singer‘s behavior a bit.

Dorinda started off addressing “mistruths”, “As with the famous nutcracker—I never wanted balloons or marching bands or a hand-engraved thank you. I did something nice for a friend and there was so little gratitude that not only me but Luann, Ramona, and Carole also were shocked by Bethenny’s bizarre behavior that went on far longer than anyone would ever expect or want to witness. While some of you may say she looked grateful while the rest of us looked like petty, mean girls, I was there and strongly disagree. She turned it into a ridiculous banter about wanting a parade. [Eye roll] Stupid, really. I assure you I have better things to do then wait for a thank you—not that Bethenny would know cause she never asks what’s going on in my life.”

Dorinda continued, “Here’s another mistruth: Apparently I am the scapegoat for Bethenny and Carole not getting along. Last I checked, they made their peace, hugged it out over lunch, and moved on. Carole was happy the bad vibes were behind them and looking forward to seeing Bethenny at the spa. But waaaaaait…this week Bethenny decides to tell Sonja that ‘Carole is still upset with her’ (she wasn’t) and guess what? ‘It’s all Dorinda’s fault’ (it isn’t).”


“Carole is a grown woman with a strong will, a solid opinion, and a very tight grasp on reality. If you really think I alone could implode a friendship because I told her that Bethenny had said something about her ex-boyfriend and her lack of interest in Puerto Rico—comments Carole had heard from many, many people (so many it nearly go into the press)—is nuts! 1) it’s insulting to Carole’s intelligence and character. 2) Bethenny gives me far too much power. Thanks, but here’s an idea: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN BAD BEHAVIOR IN DESTROYING FRIENDSHIPS.”

Dorinda also shared that she felt Ramona made a mistake and should apologize to Luann and move on, “As far as Tom’s New Year’s Eve party goes, well I have to call girl code on this one. I don’t think Ramona had bad intentions. I think she was in the moment and made a bad decision. The best course in their situation is to apologize and vow to never do it again, regardless if you had a friendship or situation with Tom before. It’s a very sensitive situation and Ramona should have been aware of that, but sometimes we goof up.”

On the subject of Sonja Morgan and jacking the Morgan crest for her latest business endeavor, Dorinda once again explains the difference between divorce and death. “The Family Crest again. Yes, I have my late husband’s name, as does Carole, as do most people when they are widowed (key word being widowed not divorced). In fact, to drop a late husband’s last name after his death is a real dishonor. I don’t know a single widow who did unless she remarried. I’m still schooling these girls in the difference between divorce and death?”


She continued, “just a little fact check: I don’t have an “M” on anything—not sheets, towels, and surely not luggage! This comes from the little voices inside Bethenny’s head. The same voices that must have told her that Dr. Medley had a little success and was a little political.”

“Remember we’ve all learned from the current political climate in this country: Just because you say it does not mean it’s true. Which leads me to yet another false observation: me a bully. Now this one takes the cake. Let’s get real there’s one person who’s bullied, insulted, demeaned and mocked every one of us, and it sure as sh– ain’t me.”

She blasted Bethenny‘s fair-weather ways when it comes to friends, “I know that Sonja is Bethenny’s newfound bestie, the one Bethenny told was dead to her two years ago because she wanted to make a few bucks selling booze. That’s rich. And Benedict Arnold always tells the truth. [eye roll]”

On Luann getting her life back on track, Dorinda shared, “She is in a great place and her calm demeanor and honesty about the legal situation is admirable. Rehab has been very good for her. She needed to focus on her life and start taking a self-inventory.” Adding, “It was a wake-up call and allows Luann to clearly focus on bigger and better things.”


Photo Credit: Bravo TV