Ashley Darby Opens Up About Her Miscarriage & The Pizza Prank On Karen Huger

Even Ashley Darby’s frienemies couldn’t help tearing up when she revealed that she went through a miscarriage during the second episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac Season 3 reunion. No one saw that coming and every single person on that stage (and plenty of people watching at home) felt for Ashley and her husband Michael Darby.

Watching the other episodes of Season 3, it seemed like Ashley and Michael were growing apart, but they really did seem like a united couple when they discussed the miscarriage during the reunion episode.

Ashley reflected on Part 2 of the reunion in a Bravo blog post. Before getting to the miscarriage revelation, she discussed the pizza prank that she, Robyn Dixon, and Gizelle Bryant pulled on Karen Huger. During the reunion, Karen said that there was nothing good about the pizza prank and honestly that makes sense. They were trying to expose her on a popular reality TV show. Yeah, it was hilarious to see them in their ridiculous outfits, but it does make sense that Karen would be offended.

Ashley admitted, “I understand that Karen always wants to feel attacked, but this a pizza delivery was all in fun. Never did we intend to hurt or bring harm to Karen, as we were expecting her to open the door and laugh at us dressed in our ridiculous costumes. If we were actually trying to do harm, believe me, we would not have done something as funny and lighthearted as delivering a pizza. I wish she would lighten up about it.” Karen should lighten up a bit for sure, but was the prank completely in good fun? It doesn’t seem like it was purely a lighthearted joke.

Then the blog took a more serious turn. Ashley revealed, “I decided to share about our miscarriage because I wanted my fellow Housewives to understand that the advice they gave Michael and I really helped us. Gizelle Bryant had given me great advice in the past about working on a marriage and really evaluating whether or not a love is worth fighting for. I took that to heart and we didn’t give up.”

Ashley Darby Discusses The Possibility Of Children With Husband Michael Darby

Ashley wrote, “When Michael and I decided to start a family, it was a very pivotal moment for us. We have shared both our ups and our downs with everyone, as we want everyone to know that absolutely no one is perfect.”

She confessed, “When I had the tragic miscarriage, Michael was very upset and I think he realized that he wanted to have a baby more than he originally thought. That was a very special moment for me because now I know that we are really making the right choice to have a family together. Michael is a wonderful man who loves deeply and passionately, and I am incredibly proud of him for being open about his emotions. It not always easy for a man of his status, but Michael is open to growing and learning. What more could I ask for?”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]