Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion Recap: Delusionistas And The Men Who Love Them

Real Housewives of Potomac Recap

The winner of tonight’s reunion of The Real Housewives of Potomac was a guy named Chris. You can choose which one, Big C or Little C, but both came out of this gathering unscathed which is not an easy thing to do. However, those with the last name of Huger or Darby did not get off so easy. We start back where we ended last week with Karen Huger falling apart backstage and Gizelle Bryant doing her best to comfort her. We saw this already, so let’s jump in when Gizelle gets back to the couch.

Gizelle tells the group that Karen feels alone because of her parents dying so recently and so close together. Gizelle feels terrible and gets teary just thinking about what Karen must be going through. Once composed, Karen returns and tells the group she doesn’t want any sympathy. Robyn Dixon speaks for everyone when she says that Karen deserves it, and Ashley Darby says to Karen that she’s sorry for her loss. Karen accepts their condolences with grace and it’s time to move on to something a little more fun.

We take a look at Karen and Gizelle’s roller coaster friendship. Andy shows us all the fights, but come on! Can’t we take a look at them together at bubble ball and painting Robyn’s new condo? That was fun stuff and if there is a season 4 can we all sign a petition asking for more of that and less of the “LIAR!” accusations? Karen says she wants to keep the friendship and it looks like Gizelle is on board, so yay! One broken friendship repaired, about twenty left to go. How about Gizelle and Monique Samuels? That is a hard pass for both. Well, Candiace Dillard? Can you at least give Gizelle a wedding invite? At $500 a plate Candiace has decided that Gizelle can stay home.

Real Housewives of Potomac Recap: Delusionistas And The Men Who Love Them

Charrisse Jackson Jordan joins the right side of the couch, so I guess we know where her loyalty stands. Her hair is short and sassy and her house is on the market. Everything’s on sale y’all! Seriously, am I the only one that immediately wondered if the Champagne Room was turned back into a den? And if the housewives hold Champagne flutes in their hands during opening credits, why isn’t the lady with the actual ROOM for Champagne still holding a flute? These are the questions keeping me up at night.

Andy moves us on to Gizelle and Sherman. Yep! The 2F is back and just to remind everyone, the reason his marriage to Kyndall broke up was, to quote Monique, he was “Creepin’ in the park after dark.” If there’s one thing that Monique regrets, it’s using that line three times. Andy asks Gizelle what happened between them, and it was the People Magazine and the general lack of communication that did them in (not to mention the overall ghosting). Gizelle maintains he was looking for a ring and Cha-Cha jabs that Gizelle showed shades of Katie Rost, Season 1. Ouch! However, G doesn’t know if she really wants to get married and Karen tells her that her life is full on her own.( Sidebar: I see a new alliance between Karen and Gizelle developing if there is a season 4.)  Aaaanyway, she and 2F talk lots and next week they are going to couple’s counseling. Okay, my opinion means nada to Gizelle, but someone with her looks and her funds can do a whole lot better than a guy that ghosts. I know he’s rich, but coins don’t keep you warm at night. Just sayin…

Real Housewives of Potomac Recap: Delusionistas And The Men Who Love Them

Andy wants to know why Gizelle is mad at Monique and not Karen for bringing around Kyndall. The reason is that Mo planned it. Monique objects. It was in fact Charrisse’s idea to bring on Kyndall. Cha yells, “Liar!” and then goes on to admit that she wanted Kyndall on season 1 and 2. Then at the beginning of season 3 she wanted Kyndall on the show to mess with Gizelle. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what you might call a confession. However, Cha says she has nothing to do with Kyndall. Mo counters that’s a lie. In fact, at Gizelle’s birthday party, Cha said it’s time for Kyndall to make a cameo. Cha again yells “Liar!”. Gizelle still thinks it was Monique just to get under her skin, but Monique responds that she just needs to wake up still breathing to rattle Gizelle.  Andy asks about Monique sucking up all Charrisse’s contacts, but this fight is 2 months in and I still don’t get it or care to get it so let’s just say that Cha’s still upset.  Whatever!! Their friendship is over.

Real Housewives of Potomac Recap: Delusionistas And The Men Who Love Them

The husbands join the stage and it looks a little lopsided with the left hand full of men and Michael covering all three on the right. The question I know Andy has been dying to ask for months: Does Little Chris have a brown dick? Chris tells Gizelle to get out her Hue Beauty card to find the hue. He’s still not talked to his oldest son, but he has sent cards and letters so they know his address and he’s hopeful.

Next is Big Chris and he relates that Monique’s miscarriage was hard. Someone on social media said that Monique lost her baby because she was an alcoholic, so that was really tough to read. Chris is sorry about the disintegration of Mo and Cha’s friendship because he really liked Cha, but he knows they are definitely done.

Real Housewives of Potomac Recap: Delusionistas And The Men Who Love Them

We move on to Ray and Bravo has a low highlight reel showing the Huger craziness from the entire season. Ray starts laughing and tells Andy laughing is keeping him from crying. Ray kept the tax thing from Karen because he didn’t think it would affect his personal finances. He is paying his tax bill, but he won’t tell us how much the total bill is. Hey! We finally get the answer we’ve all been waiting for: Why didn’t Karen know about the pizza delivery? The landscaper found it and thought his workers had left it after eating some. He chewed their butts for it, so thanks Ashley, Gizelle, and Robyn. Your pranks got some totally innocent yard workers’ asses chewed! I hope y’all are happy. Okaaaayyyy… you heard it yourself. Mystery solved! Discuss….

Karen did appreciate that Robyn said she could see her purse on the counter. Gizelle thinks Karen lives in just part of the Great Falls house. Ray bursts out laughing. The secret is out! Ray keeps Karen in the basement. All the mysteries are being solved tonight! Bottom line: does Ray live with Karen in the Great Falls Mansion? Answer from Ray: Absolutely! Michael Darby shakes his head. He then gives us a 5 minute diatribe but there’s so much over talk who knows what he actually said? Ray says he’ll give an answer if Michael has a question, but Michael doesn’t really want an explanation. I’m confused. So I guess it was a prepared speech and something Michael felt the need to get off his chest. Because Ray’s address means… what exactly does it mean to Michael? Did I nod off and not catch that part?

Ray reminds Michael that he also has business issues as well which we can go into (Yes please!).  Karen tries to explain to Ashley the reason for their differences, but since Micheal is even older than Karen he takes offense. He also demands an apology from Karen for insinuating he posted naked pictures on Grinder and he has the passport to prove it wasn’t him. He has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting Karen to apologize. Nice try though. Maybe it’s because the Darbys accused Karen of having an affair with Blue Eyes. Karen sent them a Cease and Desist order so they can’t talk about it but Ashley absolutely talks about it. This was from her accusations on Watch What Happens Live. Ray had a PI follow Blue Eyes (not Michael??? Boo!!).  Ray says everything regarding Blue is on the up and up.

Real Housewives of Potomac Recap: Delusionistas And The Men Who Love Them

We move on to Michael and Ashley having problems in their marriage, with her mom, and whether or not they should have a baby. Good news! The Darby clan is doing much better; even the deadbeat boyfriend is employed. Sadly, Ashley suffered a miscarriage after filming and right before her 30th birthday. Monique can really relate, so this is the thing that gets them back on an even keel. Ashley and Michael are trying again, so maybe the Samuels aren’t the only ones that will be hearing the pitter patter of little feet this time next year. Ashley’s video is shown and I have to say I dug it.

So what did the ladies learn this year? Monique says it’s to mind her own business. That’s good advice, except as Robyn correctly points out, you can’t be on this show minding your own business. Candiace is appreciative of the friendships she’s made. Ashley’s learned to be open, forgive, and she hopes she can move on to a better place with Karen. Robyn knows she needs to step back and realize not everyone does things how she thinks they should and that’s okay. Gizelle says that hard work pays off and don’t bring your man on to the show. Karen knows that life is short and we all need to keep our family close and our friends just as close. It is after all what really matters.

After all the laughing and fighting, they toast to each other and to the town of Potomac, Maryland. And guess what! Gizelle got her wedding invite from Candiace! Finally, I’d like to take a moment to thank each of you who read some or all of these recaps. I had a blast writing them! Take up your flute. Cheers! Here’s to you!


Author: Dana S.

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