LeeAnne Locken Accuses D’Andra Simmons Of Lying

The Real Housewives of Dallas viewers have not witnessed the demise of LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra Simmons’ relationship, but we all know that it’s coming thanks to social media, blog posts, and interviews. Now the viewers can just watch the episodes looking for the signs that the former besties are drifting apart.

One very major “sign” that their relationship is on the rocks is LeeAnne’s latest blog post. She did not write that in the mindset of what she felt during filming. Clearly the animosity between the two of them is so strong that LeeAnne cannot help sharing her feelings before the viewers get a chance to catch up.

LeeAnne wrote, “IT’S A BOY!!!! Oh wait, you already knew that! Please ignore D’Andra Simmons’s lies about me saying that the Redmonds didn’t have a ‘great marriage’ because those words didn’t come out of my mouth! Should we start now with keeping score of the lies that are about to get told?” This is going to get ugly.

“I had NO IDEA that they had a new baby in their house for the past THREE MONTHS! I mean, kudos on keeping that secret! I know Kameron Westcott was really shocked.” Yes, she was.

During the party where Brandi Redmond introduced her baby to the rest of the girls, she had a nice talk with LeeAnne about moving forward in their relationship. Will that actually happen? Maybe. Will it last? Most likely not.

LeeAnne Locken Says D’Andra Simmons Is “Downright Hurtful” & She Has An “Utter Lack Of Intelligence”

LeeAnne wrote, “Quick reminder- I befriended Brandi when she was fighting with Stephanie Hollman. I believed everything she told me about their relationship and then just when I think we have become actual friends, BOOM! Knife in the back and she tweets – ‘we were NEVER friends!'”

LeeAnne continued, “Brandi saying she wants to move forward with me is surprising, to say the least. Do I believe it 100%? No, sadly I don’t. History with Brandi has trained me that much like an untrained puppy, sh– happens! I think she is in a happy place with her new baby and is somehow extending that happiness for a moment on to me. But I can always hope I am wrong! Here I come, high road…” Something (the past two seasons of this show) tells me the peace between LeeAnne and Brandi will be very short-lived.

Brandi tried to make peace with LeeAnne during that last episode, but she had issues with D’Andra for the comments she made about Adderall use on a podcast. During the podcast itself, D’Andra did not specify who she was talking about, but Cary Deuber told Brandi that she was talking about her. Who should we believe?

LeeAnne shared her two cents: “I would like to be clear that NOT EVERYONE in Dallas does Adderall and it is NOT passed around like candy! Is Cary Deuber right that D’Andra was talking about Brandi in that article? YES! I’m giving huge kudos to Cary right now for owning that she is the one who told Brandi, especially since D’Andra is standing there DENYING it. I’m liking this new Cary! #gogirl.” LeeAnne agreeing with Cary and calling out D’Andra? Wow. Things have really changed since Season 2 wrapped up.

She continued, “Brandi telling Stephanie on the phone that D’Andra doesn’t want to take accountability for what she said is one million percent correct! I told you in my blog week one – let’s see if everyone can OWN what they say and do and here is your first receipt of NOPE! Not everyone can! And then listening to D’Andra’s comments about how Cary isn’t helping the situation… WHY? Because she told the TRUTH? When did you inform us that we were all supposed to lie for you D’Andra? Like really?”

Then she got to the cast trip to Beaver Creek: “Now let me address Carys’ comments that I seem ‘OFF’ tonight. Cary- I went to bed because I was EXHAUSTED! And honestly seeing you naked I can do anytime Boo! But you know that! xo”

She continued to come for her former bestie: “D’Andra– stop with the bullsh—! I went to bed because I was on like 4 or 5 hours of sleep. Staying up would not have benefitted me in any way. And I wasn’t concerned about my relationship with Cary. At this point, I felt like Cary and my relationship is heading in the right direction. D’Andra only threw me under the bus so she could segway into her issues with Brandi.”

LeeAnne pointed out, “The funniest part is everyone constantly saying ‘Hope LeeAnne is ok’ but not a soul asked me in the morning if everything was ok. Can we say alcohol influenced concern? Yes! Yes, we can!”

LeeAnne hints at even more tension with D’Andra: “Next week, why is my wedding something that D’Andra feels like attacking me about? So much so that it makes me cry? Guess we will find out next week!”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]