The Most Toxic Real Housewives Friendships

Photo by: Paul Zimmerman/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Throughout the history of the Real Housewives, there have been multiple women who forged such a strong friendship. Still, in reality, the union wasn’t good for either star, for example, Dorinda Medley and alcohol. As fans, we love seeing the women bond with one another, but sometimes, the closeness becomes too much, with some becoming codependent and needy. Call it bonding, call it toxic, or call it hazing, but sometimes there are some Bravo stars who should never have crossed paths. 

Cynthia and Kenya Real Housewives of Atlanta

Cynthia Bailey/Instagram

I have to say watching Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore‘s friendship unfold on the Real Housewives of Atlanta wasn’t all that pleasant to bear witness to. It goes without saying that Cynthia has always been on the meeker side and seemed to trade one domineering friend in (NeNe Leakes) for another. The former supermodel came across as genuine and often gave everything to her friendship with Kenya, who seemed just to be searching for fame. When Cynthia and NeNe’s friend contract was null and void, Kenya swooped in to take advantage of the situation. 

Their issues came to a head on the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip when Cynthia didn’t feel Kenya went to bat for her against the other women. Viewers will recall that Cynthia, who was visibly upset, talked to Kenya on the beach, noting, “Ramona’s not my friend. You’re my friend.” Cynthia felt “disrespected” by her close friend, and the two have been on ice for the last few years, but it might be for the best. 

LeeAnne and D’Andra Real Housewives of Dallas

D’Andra Simmons/Instagram

LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra Simmons were like sisters. They spent all their time together, dressed alike, and D’Andra even shared her mother with LeeAnne when it came to needing a parent’s advice. D’Andra, at times, even enabled LeeAnne’s bad behavior. However, after Season 3, the ladies were at an all-time low, vowing to work on their relationship. D’Andra seemed to be the follower of LeeAnne and always stuck her neck on the line for the carny, who often had angry outbursts. 

By Season 4, the toxic friendship had come to a fiery end. All was not okay with LeeAnne revealing, “It’s a lot of hurt, I’ll be honest. I felt like I lost my family.” However, D’Andra had a different story, noting, “And I said that I was sorry to you in November, and I left there thinking that that was it. But when I got back to my hotel room after the reunion, Rich started sending nasty text messages to Jeremy.” Due to all the drama, the two no longer have a friendship anymore. 

Teresa and Melissa Real Housewives of New Jersey

Melissa Gorga/Instagram

Even though they are family, Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga probably had the most toxic friendship out of anyone. It was clear from day one that jealousy ruled both their hearts, and if it wasn’t sprinkle cookies, it was having the same hairstyle. These women just refused to get along and often tried to bring one another down with crappy rumors. Teresa and Melissa have had their fair share of verbal spats, and it didn’t help that their animosity for one another tumbled over onto their husbands, who also found themselves in physical brawls. To say there was no love lost between the two is an understatement, but thankfully, both have agreed to never speak to one another again. But they did film a new season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, so we will see how that goes. 

Ramona and Sonja Real Housewives of New York

Ramona Singer/Instagram

Even though they make a great team on TV, there are times that it felt like Ramona Singer was only using Sonja Morgan for her connections, specifically with men. Ramona was the typical user who leeched onto Sonja and her little black book. The mother of one also had a way of manipulating Sonja to do her bidding. Somehow, the duo still has a close connection, which doesn’t seem like it can be broken.