Sonja Morgan Looks Amazing In Paper Magazine

Sonja Morgan has been tapped by the legendary Paper Mag to pose with the iconic Telfar “Shopping Bag.” This is quite a coup for the Real Housewives Of New York star that everyone dismisses as ridiculous, flighty, and out of control, but Sonja is probably the perfect person to rep a designer shopping tote. After all,  she’s nothing if not a high-class bag lady living lives out of her of her trusty totes! Just so long as it’s large enough to carry a Costco-sized vat of Wesson Oil…

The Telfar Shopping Bag is super affordable and “really anyone can get in this look,” explains designer Telfar Clemens. “It’s probably the most basic bag you can imagine, but somehow there’s no other bag like it.” So pretty much exactly like Sonja! 

Make sure to scroll! #LegendsStanningLegends And you can check out additional photos of Sonja over at Paper Mag.

Paper Mag explains that they chose Sonja for the spread because she is both entirely and uniquely herself, yet entirely and uniquely relatable! As Telfar is seeking to broaden its audience beyond artists, celebrities, and hipsters and Nigerian Soccer Teams they decided “upper east side icon” Sonja was the perfect representation of just how diverse this bag truly is. “They may seem like an odd pairing — or even a complete juxtaposition — but the 54-year-old socialite speaks to Clemens’ mission: ‘It’s not for you, it’s for everyone,'” explains the magazine.

Sonja Morgan Keeps Herself Joyfully Out Of The Drama During 15 Part RHONY Reunion!

Somewhere perpetual cool girl Carole Radziwill is pooping her $500 artistically ripped jeans while walking past a subway poster of Sonja rocking the the Telfar Bag during New York Fashion Week.

Sonja Morgan Everywoman Fashion Icon is amazing and I think she looks PHENOMENAL in these shots! Let’s hope she also got paid for the modeling gig! I’d also like to see her wack certain whack Housewives with one of these Telfar bags before embarking on a career as a middle-aged super model. Go Sexy J!


[Main Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]


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