LeeAnne Locken Blasts D’Andra Simmons For Questioning Wedding Plans; New Episode of RHOD Tonight

Before we jump in for more drama with the ladies of Real Housewives of Dallas, LeeAnne Locken wants to give her two cents on last week’s hot topics. LeeAnne has a few things to say about D’Andra Simmons being way too nosy about her wedding plans.

She blogs, “Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats because the Pageant of Bullsh– is about to begin! I want to start off this week’s recap by stating the truth clearly. While I have worn many crowns, I have NEVER referred to myself as a queen! However, Mrs. Lock CANNOT say the same! Just scroll through her social media… Girl, you can have the title.”

LeeAnne blasts D’Andra Simmons for questioning her pending marriage. “I have never said to anyone that I didn’t think I couldn’t be happily married. I believe in my soul that a happy marriage is waiting for me so the question made no sense. I answered the question with what the truth was for me at the time. Rich has been permanently blinded due to a misdiagnosis from a duty-related injury, that we as a couple, have been learning how to accept, deal with and move forward with this new situation in our lives. We have gone through hope, frustration, agitation, misplaced anger and so much more. Losing your vision is LIFE ALTERING. When you have to leave a 30-year profession where you have been decorated with awards for valor in the line of duty, it creates frustration that neither of us knew how to deal with. The stress has been incredible. So, I made the choice not to talk about the wedding while we dealt with the loss of his vision. Being patient with someone you love should be considered a kindness, not a weakness as my so-called “best friend” is implying.”

LeeAnne Locken accuses D’Andra of lying 

She continues, “Last week when it was NONE of Kam’s business why Brandi kept her baby a secret for three months WHY this week is it D’Andra’s business WHEN, WHERE, WHY or HOW I get married? She and the rest of this gang need to realize that my wedding, is my business. What no one in this group realizes is, we got engaged and things were great! We were asked to keep it a secret and then – BAM – Rich was blinded. That changes things. We are learning to find our new happiness in our new life.” She adds, “Why is D’Andra so set on making Rich seem like a bad person when he is one of the best people I have ever known! I would never go after Jeremy this way. So I’m confused why she is attacking me!”

LeeAnne admits that she’s a little scared about marriage, but it has nothing to do with her pushing a wedding off. “Let me be clear- I just said HIS EYE INJURY was why I choose not to PUSH a wedding. Am I scared to get married? Uhh, yes! You all have seen me, I can be batshit crazy at times! Do I think a person deserves to have to deal with my craziness full time for the rest of his life…. let me turn this question over to my self-esteem. But first, let me point out, THIS is a DIFFERENT QUESTION than the one I was asked. “I have no doubt in my mind that he is my soulmate!” As I stated. When Cary asks me if I am afraid I am going to self-destruct in my relationship she hit the nail on the head. I have lived a very self-destructive life. This moment for Cary to recognize this and then offer me her confidence in me shows how far we have come in such a short period of time. Thank you, Cary!”

She is adamant that she has been a better and more supportive friend to D’Andra than D’Andra is to her. “‘Do you remember what you did to me?’ asks D’Andra of me. You told me you were in love, D’Andra. I supported you the way a best friend should! I held your hand and gently encouraged you. I didn’t stick my finger in your face and DEMAND answers! How quickly we go from you crying about my gentle encouragement to ‘LeeAnne, I want to know what the f— is going on! You need to get it together bitch, right now!’ WOW! Great gentle encouragement. Kameron please hand over your badger sash to D’Andra. Want to know why I started crying? Because I was being badgered!! How D’Andra can go from saying that she doesn’t know what is going on to Rich is scared and has backtracked is a bunch of bullsh–. WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING my relationship?”

LeeAnne Locken says D’Andra has an utter lack of intelligence

LeeAnne ends with, “For Brandi to interrupt D’Andra’s badgering and come over to me hold me should let you know how bad it actually was! SAVED BY AN EYELASH! Now that we have made it through the Pageant of Bullsh– stay tuned for next week’s Rodeo of Bullsh–!”

Tonight is an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. “LeeAnne and Rich settle their marriage woes and vow to start the wedding planning process. Kameron prepares for the Global Pet Expo, despite her children’s disapproval. Brandi plans a rodeo adventure for new bestie D’Andra’s birthday, but things get heated when D’Andra’s social status is called into question. Meanwhile, Cary and Stephanie return from their respective vacations too late and miss all the rodeo shenanigans, including Brandi surprising D’Andra with a special gift, and a possessive LeeAnne giving D’Andra a lap dance. Cary checks on her home renovation and worries it won’t be done before her parents come back into town.”

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