D’Andra Simmons Declares “Money Does Not Define Me!”

On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas, D’Andra Simmons was in a vulnerable state after leaving her mom’s company and sharing her fears of going broke and losing friends. She reflected on that in her newest blog and had some words of thanks for Cary Deuber, but some not-so-thankful things to say about LeeAnne Locken‘s lack of support.

D’Andra explains how hard it was to leave the security of her mom’s company after 14 years and start over from nothing. “If I had prepared for this exit, I would have not had a problem at all, but I didn’t see it coming…and when I did, I didn’t see it coming like this… ground zero.”

She was terrified that she’d lose friends if she went broke. “Of course, I was afraid that this lifestyle change would ostracize me from not only Dallas society, but my own group of friends as well. I have seen this happen time and time again in Dallas. In a state of oil barons, Texas has its share of feast or famine millionaires and I have seen many of my friends face scrutiny and isolation when they run out of funds to continue their opulent lifestyle. Even if people accepted me for who I was without money or my family support, I still wouldn’t be able to keep up with the lifestyle that we all have grown accustomed to, and people do notice and punish you for that in this town.” D’Andra added, “I have had my share of fair-weather friends and I just wasn’t ready to deal with losing the support of the family business, and losing the support of people I thought were my friends.”

LeeAnne Locken thinks D’Andra Simmons is a pot stirrer

D’Andra was grateful for Cary Deuber‘s understanding and empathy. “I want to thank Cary for being so authentic with me that day. I needed a friend to tell me it was going to be okay, and she was that person for me when the one person I usually relied on was spreading rumors about something very personal in my life.” But she was frustrated by LeeAnne’s reactions. “I thought I could vent to my “best friend” about these concerns and fears, but instead of a hug, I got a lecture about being lazy! Everyone who has ever known me in my life knows I am anything BUT lazy. I constantly juggle my business, charity work and speaking engagements to help others.”

She calls LeeAnne out as a hypocrite. “LeeAnne was hypocritical to say the least, not to mention that in the very next scene she is touting that she doesn’t care about how much her wedding will cost! I may have been born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but let me set something straight: I have given up that “princess lifestyle” before, and you can bet I WILL do it again.”

D’Andra then explained all she did to make it on her own when she gave up her trust fund for over a decade and shared, “MONEY DOES NOT DEFINE ME AND SHOULD NEVER DEFINE ANYONE! At the end of the day, I own my home, my car, and I will own this company and NO ONE can take those things away from me.”

She accuses LeeAnne of picking at the insecurities of others. “The fact that my best friend would spread a rumor that I only have $200 in my bank account is not only hurtful but also kind of funny. When someone has an insecurity, they will sometimes find that same weakness, even if temporary, in another person and focus on that. LeeAnne Locken uses that little trick quite often, but I never thought I would be on the receiving end. As Brandi said, she preys on other people’s weaknesses and strikes when they are down.”

D’Andra Simmons slams LeeAnne Locken

She wasn’t having LeeAnne’s fake apology. “I am very disappointed in her, to say the least. I really thought I would get more of a sincere apology, but it was all BULL. Hearing that someone who you have always counted on is talking about you and your problems behind your back is hurtful (pay attention to this sentence carefully as you will understand and appreciate it and me later). Listening to LeeAnne try to mask her manipulation and deceit as concern is just annoying.”

She blasts, “She was trying to enlist Cary to problem solve? Remember, Cary was her ARCH ENEMY last year!! That makes absolutely NO sense. What were they going to do, make a GoFundMe page? It was GOSSIP, plain and simple. Cary knew it, the rest of the group knew it, and walking away that day, I knew it, too.” She explains why she chose to forgive the transgression: “I forgave her because we have a long history together and in the past, I have always advocated for second chances.”

You can read D’Andra’s entire blog entry on Bravo. It’s hella long, but she explains in great detail all things business and friendship and more.


Photo Credit: Bravo TV