Gina Kirschenheiter Says Vicki Gunvalson Was “Beyond Insulting And Hurtful”

That last episode of Real Housewives of Orange County really got out of hand. The OG of the OC Vicki Gunvalson had the nerve to tell Gina Kirschenheiter that she has “no moral compass” because of their differing religious beliefs and Gina’s decision to divorce.

Vicki barely knows Gina, yet here she is completely assassinating her character while she’s embarking on the beginning of a divorce. Religious beliefs aside, it’s clear to anyone watching that Vicki really did upset Gina. She had to get up to go cry in the bathroom and call her ex-husband, of all people.

Gina opened up about Vicki’s antics in a Bravo blog post. Vicki had the audacity to say that Gina was “nonchalant” about getting divorced. Really, Vicki? Now Gina is sharing how she felt during Vicki’s verbal attacks.

Gina wrote, “Obviously opening up to Vicki has prompted a response of immediate judgment and ridicule. Not only is she non-understanding, but she doesn’t even try to see my standpoint at all. If the other women don’t understand my decision that’s their problem, not mine. If they want to believe something else is going on, so be it.” Why would someone be offended by a virtual stranger’s divorce? The whole premise of this show is to discuss each other’s lives, so I get why they were talking about the split, but Vicki’s judgments were over the top and unnecessary.

Gina continued, “I cannot be concerned with the negative judgments of others regarding on my life. I will make my own decisions for my own family, and I will stand by them. Vicki doesn’t understand my decision. It was super disappointing to not be heard.”

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Then Gina addressed Vicki’s claim that she lacks a “moral compass.” She wrote, “I pretty much said what I had to say that night. She sounded like an idiot. It was a stupid thing to say. I mean it was obviously just on a basic level cruel to tell a girl going through a hard time that she has no morals. That’s just mean.” Yes, it is and Vicki probably doesn’t even realize, not after thirteen seasons of pulling these antics.

Gina explained, “I am here telling you I am making a decision for my family based off of love and respect and doing what I need to in order to keep that love and respect in my family life, and you’re telling me my morals are off. You would think that someone who has gone through several divorces would be the most compassionate for my situation.”Exactly! This could have been a bonding moment for Vicki and Gina. She could have provided some personal insight in a kind way. Instead, she went out of the way to insult Gina and make her even more upset than she already was.

Gina concluded, “I really thought Vicki would have been more supportive and understanding in this situation, and I was left in total shock. It was beyond insulting and hurtful.” Yes, it was. Vicki better apologize during the reunion. Or in her own blog post. Or on social media. Or in whatever medium she is comfortable with, not that Vicki has ever been comfortable with apologies.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]