Emily Simpson Says Shannon Beador Blocked Her On Instagram

Welcome to the OC, bitch. This is how they do it in Orange County. Unfortunately for Emily Simpson, this means that she has not received a warm welcome from the Real Housewives of Orange County cast, specifically Shannon Beador.

Shannon is so focused on her own personal comeback that she has adopted a “no new friends” attitude. Then again, Shannon has pretty much never got along with new cast members on this show. So it’s just a different season with the same old Shannon in that regard.

Emily discussed her issues with Shannon in a Bravo blog post. She declared, “I have always been a girls’ girl. I think women need healthy and inspiring friendships with other women to make their life whole and fulfilling.”

She continued, “It was so fun hanging out with the other ladies to watch Shannon on QVC. She did so great!!” Emily revealed, “I remember asking her about it often and even sent her a text before her appearance wishing her good luck. However, she never responded. In general, I have never received much effort from Shannon.” Yikes. She couldn’t even send out a “thank you” text. The “you” would probably come up via autocorrect. It would take two seconds…

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Emily explained, “I realize she has a full and busy life, as do I, but even when we are actually together, I’ve never felt Shannon try to engage with me, reciprocating questions about my life, family, career, or children. In fact, the only time I’ve seen her eyes light up and engage in a conversation with me was when she was talking about salmon with herbed cream sauce.” She’s definitely on that self-promotion grind after all of her divorce drama.

Then Emily threw some veteran level shade: “I apologize, Shannon, that you have never seen ‘Fun Emily.’ You might be surprised to find out that I am really fun to be around. As far as ‘Fun Shannon,’ I’ve given up on that urban legend. I’d settle for ‘Happy Shannon.’ Heck, I’ll even take ‘Nice Shannon’ or ‘Common Courtesy Shannon’ at this point! Maybe someday Shannon will realize we have a lot in common, we will become friends, and she can finally unblock me from her Instagram page.” Yeah, fat chance of that happening. Unless Emily is going to post about Shannon’s QVC line on her page.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]